Hui-Liang Industrial CO., Ltd.

Tainan City, 
  • Booth: 321

Huiliang Business Group was created in 1985, and our group has three divisions- Taiwan Huiliang, Shanghai Huiliang, and Fuqing Tongliong. Today, over 100 employees work across Taiwan and China. Hui-Liang specializes in high-performance fabrics such as abrasion-resistant, 2-3 layer lamination fabrics, flame-retardant knit fabrics, shade fabrics for covers, durable stretch woven and knit fabrics for base layer, strong mesh and spacer mesh for industrial demand.

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  • (Jul 08, 2024)
    Material No.:NL23ELL002 
    Eco-friendly insole lining is built to last, earning praise from eco-conscious consumers and brands, further boosted by its GRS certification.
  • (Jul 08, 2024)
    Article No.: NL24GS5154
    Content: Modacrylic, Cotton
    Application: workwear, protective clothing


  • LCP High-Tensile Soccer pattern fabric
    LCP- Cut-resistant,heat resistant, durability!
    Item no: TL23S0027
    Width & weights: 62"*220GSM
    Content: 69% Poly 31 LCP yarn
     Application: Gloves, motorcycle wear & gear...

  • Soluction Dye Polyester Shade Fabrics 7 oz.
    Versatile, Fade Resistant, Energy saving fabric
    Item no.: HL22IT0780
    Width &Weight: 58"*7 oz
    Contents: 100% Poly
    Usages: Awning, Canopie & Pergola fabrics, Car & Boat covers...

  • Abrasive Resistant and Durable Kevlar fabrics
    Cut-Resistant, High Tensile Strength, High Stiffness
    Item no.: HL24IK0065
    Width & Weight: 58"*328GSM
    Content: 84% Nylon 16% Kevlar
    Usages: Protective gloves, wear, and gears...

  • Flame Retardant and Anti-Static Knit fabric
    Fabric no.: NL26GS5287
    Content: Modacrylic, Rayon, Anti-Static
    Application: workwear, protective clothing...

  • Biodegradable abaca leaf fiber with recycled knit
    Fabric no.: NL25GS5150A
    Content: Abaca leaf yarn, Recycled poly
    Application: Sports wear, casual wear...

  • Ti coating against heat fabric
    Fabric no.:NL26GB5320
    Content: Polyester with Ti
    Application: Sports wear, casual wear