D&D Chemical Inc.

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D&D Chemical Inc. is a manufacturer of earplugs located in Taiwan. Our product line includes PU foam earplugs, reusable earplugs, headband earplugs, metal-detectable earplugs, and easy-fit-in earplugs. D&D's earplugs are known for high quality and noise reduction ratings, meeting international testing standards and certifications. As part of its mission to be environmentally friendly, D&D is working on developing eco-friendly earplugs to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.

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  • PU Foam Earplug
    D&D PU foam earplugs are crafted from soft, flexible foam material that expands to fit the ear canal, ensuring maximum comfort for the user....

  • Reusable TPR Earplug
    D&D reusable earplugs are made from a pre-molded washable and easily cleaned material. They are sustainable choices for hearing protection....

  • Metal Detectable Earplug
    The earplugs offer metal detection and provide a high level of noise reduction, with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of up to 32 decibels....