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Established in 2004, by a group of visionary engineers, Litum® helps businesses transform their operations with a single goal in mind: increased safety & efficiency. Through extensive research and development, Litum designs and manufactures its entire solution portfolio, with main divisions being Industrial IoT, Healthcare RTLS, Passive RFID, and Software Applications.  Today, through its large network of partners, Litum provides solutions across the globe in diverse environments. Litum solutions are utilized by industry leading firms such as Fortune 500 companies as well as governmental establishments and agencies in more than +45 countries around the world.  


  • Litum Forklift Collision Warning System
    Enhance forklift operation's safety for everyone with 360° awareness....

  • Get alerts with a forklift proximity warning system
    Audiovisual alerts for people or other forklifts in proximity.

    Autonomous speed control with forklift collision warning
    Autonomous/remote speed control when too close to other lifting equipment and people.

    Large area coverage
    Forklifts and operators can be located with highest available accuracy, no matter how big the area is.

    CANbus Integrated

    Transfer information to forklifts and other mobile equipment, through a CANbus interface.

    Litum Forklift Safety Solution is a collection of hardware and software designed to alert possible forklift-to-forklift and forklift-to-people collisions creating a higher awareness for the moving lifting equipment and the people in an industry setting.
    Litum Forklift Safety Solution can easily be integrated while providing flexibility as the safety guidelines and parameters can be configured to fit the business requirements.

  • Litum Lone Worker Safety System
    Quickly react to life-threatening situations....

  • React to life-threatening situations fast. Enforce safety rules everywhere with instant violation alerts.

    Accident / Risk Monitoring
    Increase worker safety by automatically monitoring employees in high risk environments to instantly detect accidents or risky situations such as falls, collision, prolonged inactivity.

    Geo-fencing to Improve Worker Safety
    Ensure controlled access to sensitive areas and unauthorized entry and exit alerts.

    Automated Worker Safety Alerts
    Alert pedestrian and machine-operating employees when they are too close to machinery and/or areas where there is a risk of overhead load or getting caught in machinery operating radius such as a crane.

    Panic Button
    Provide worker safety with an additional panic button easily accessible when under duress.