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hearTest Occ Health is a certified tablet-based audiometry solution for seamless occupational hearing protection. Automated audiometry, cloud-based surveillance, data management, & seamless reporting; makes hearing conservation more efficient than ever.

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  • hearTest Occ Health
    hearTest Occ Health is an IEC certified tablet-based audiometry solution for seamless occupational hearing conservation, fully compliant to all OSHA requirements....

  • hearScope
    hearScope is an AI digital video otoscope that captures high-quality images & videos from a smartphone/desktop running the free hearScope app, to assist healthcare providers by accurately classifying images of the eardrum.

  • hearScope is a world-first digital AI otoscope that offers a cost-effective solution for ear examinations on a smartphone and desktop. This innovative product enables the capturing of high-quality images and videos of the eardrum and the ear canal. It includes the world’s first artificial intelligent image classification feature to classify normal, wax obstructions, and chronic perforations with a 94% accuracy. It is an award-winning solution, used across 87 countries in clinical, school or workplace and remote audiology settings.

    This solution not only adds value with regards to classification of ear disease for timely intervention and prevention of complications like hearing loss, but is also extremely valuable in prevention of ear disease. hearScope is a cost-effective and innovative solution that changes the way ear examinations are performed and contributes toward affordable hearing care for everyone, everywhere.
  • hearX Self Test Kit
    A tablet-based hearing test solution for diagnostic assessments outside a sound booth. Self-testing with remote support allows hearing professionals to test and make treatment recommendations, including hearing aids....

  • The hearX Self Test Kit is an award-winning, clinically valid, tablet-based, self test hearing care solution for diagnostic assessments outside a booth, enabling contactless hearing testing. It enables home-based, counter-side, or drive-through hearing testing with remote support. Following assessments, healthcare professionals can access the test results on a cloud platform, and make treatment recommendations, including the fitment of hearing aids.

    The hearX Self Test Kit is a fully automated and easy-to-use solution with a customized test battery for remote hearing care, enabling: pure tone audiometry, speech-in-noise audiometry, an ear risk assessment, digital AI otoscopy, and digital data management.

    The hearX Self Test Kit offers a test battery to:
    1. refer patients requiring a more comprehensive diagnostic assessment for suspected ear disease and;
    2. support hearing aid fitting.