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The Ladder-Aide PRO is the safest way to work with ladders on stairs as it creates a stable, level base for use on stairways. With an anti-skid surface and a micro-adjustable height to within 1/8 of a inch, it's designed for Type I, IA and IAA ladders.

 Press Releases

  • Ideal PRO will be presenting the Ladder-Aide PRO for the first time at the NSC Safety Congress & Expo this September at Booth #5430.

    Whether you or your team are undertaking a maintenance, HVAC, or renovation project that involves setting up a ladder on a staircase, the Ladder-Aide PRO is a tool that will help you start the job quickly and execute it safely.

    Ladder-Aide PRO is a ladder stabilizer that creates a strong, stable, level, surface to work on stairs safely. With an all-steel construction and non-slip pads on its base, Ladder-Aide PRO can support 1500 lbs and meets the size and weight standards of Type I, IA and IAA aluminum and fiberglass extension ladders.

    Designed for pros such as HVAC technicians, electricians, painters, contractors, building maintenance technicians, the Ladder-Aide PRO is easy to carry from one project to the next and takes 60 seconds to assemble.

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  • Ladder-Aide PRO
    Made for professionals and perfect for the everyday handyman. The Ladder-Aide is the quickest, easiest, and safest way to use your extension and combination ladders on stairs. Visit us at booth #5430....

    • VERSATILE: Use your existing single and extension ladders on stairs. Micro-adjustable to 1/8" for use on almost any stairs
    • USE WITH MULTIPLE LADDERS: Swap ladders instantly, always use the right ladder for the job
    • LADDER SPECS: Designed for Type I, IA, and IAA ladders, both aluminum and fiberglass ladders. MAX BASE WIDTH: 22 inches. MAX FOOT SIZE: 7.5 inches
    • CHECK YOUR STAIR SIZE: Ladder-Aide PRO is compatible with stairs between 4.921" and of 7.875" high , and between 8.268" and 13.975" deep
    • STABLE AND SOLID: The Ladder-Aide PRO is solid, stable, and built to last with its anti-skid surface and high-grade steel construction
    • EASY TO SET UP, EASY TO USE: No installation required, sets up in minutes. Move from stair to stair with no hassle
    • MEETS AND EXCEEDS ANSI-ASC weight standards for ladders (ANSI-ASC A14.8-2013), and complies with the 9.1.1 Foot Slip Test