Epic Blue  

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Take a leap forward in security & safety of your workforce!

Epic Blue is a software company specialized in the security and safety of your operational workforce. Powered by the most complete positioning technology, we developed a solution to support you in the protection of your workforce.

Brands: Shyn Guardian Hyper Location


  • Shyn
    The first AI-driven positioning wearable that gives an accurate understanding of a person’s 3D location in the most demanding environments....

  • Shyn is an award-winning, state-of-the-art smart positioning solution. It is the first personal AI-driven wearable to closely model human movement for seamless indoor and outdoor tracking.

    Shyn is built for accurate positioning in the most demanding environments (outdoor, indoor, underground, city canyons,…) and limits the impact of metallic interference and jamming. And best of all, it works in 3D!!

    Shyn was developed by an interdisciplinary team of specialists in close collaboration with firefighter teams.

  • Guardian
    Workforce solution consisting of an app and a web platform that connects and supports your field workers by exploiting their existing smart device...

  • The Guardian app empowers your workforce with a range of features to keep them safe and informed during the execution of their tasks.

    Create your digital work environment to manage devices, alarms, 3D positioning and all the communication streams of your people.