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United States
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Portable Single & Multi Gas Detectors That You Can Count On.

Gas Clip Technologies is focused solely on the designing and manufacturing of technologically progressive portable gas detectors & compatible docking stations.

Innovations include:

  • MGC Simple/MGC Simple Plus - 2-/3-year run time 4-gas detector that never needs recharging or routine calibration
  • Multi Gas Clip - 4-gas detector with infrared LEL sensor that can run continuously for 2 months or longer without recharging
  • MGC Pump - lightweight, compact 4-gas detector with internal pump that can run for 52 hrs. continuously on one charge
  • GCT External Pump - universal pump connects easily to diffusion detectors with cal cap to draw samples up to 75 ft. 

Gas Clip Technologies specializes in compliance-based detectors that are customizable, durable, dependable and user-friendly with a low cost of ownership. 100% of our detectors are quality tested to eliminate downtime and expenses that can occur due to detector malfunction. The experienced Gas Clip Technologies team is dedicated to providing you with cutting edge gas detectors that save precious time, resources and lives. Stop by our booth and let us help you solve your gas detection problems.

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 Press Releases

  • (Jul 22, 2022)

    The GCT External Pump is the newest addition to Gas Clip Technologies’ collection of gas detection solutions. This accessory is a motorized sampling pump that allows any Gas Clip diffusion detector—single gas and multi gas—the ability to take remote samples from up to 75 feet away. Those who use the GCT External Pump can also perform a manual block test before taking samples in order to ensure a clean and proper draw. Audio and visual alerts will inform the user of a variety of errors including blockages and a low battery charge. The battery itself is recharges in 4-6 hours (typically) using the specialized wall charger included with the GCT External Pump. 

    Additionally, the sleek, ergonomic design of the pump allows it to sit comfortably in the user’s hand, which helps prevent potential drops. However, an alligator clip allows the user to firmly attach the pump to their belt, jumpsuit, etc. as needed. Either way, if the device takes a tumble, the durable casing can withstand the roughest treatment in the harshest environments. Visit our website for more information.

  • The MGC Simple and MGC Simple Plus are portable multi gas detectors that have continuous run times of two years and three years respectively. After being charged and calibrated during manufacturing, neither detector requires recharging or routine calibration. In turn, this benefit helps save time and test gas. However, bump testing before each day’s use is advised.

    These monitors identify the presence and level of hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and combustible gases (LEL). They also work in oxygen-enriched and oxygen-deficient atmospheres. Other benefits include large screens, single-button operations, as well as an IP 68 rating for each detector. These two instruments are built to withstand the harshest work environments.

    The MGC Simple and MGC Simple Plus are also compatible with various GCT accessories like the MGC Simple Clip Dock and the GCT External Pump. The docking station comes in two versions—portable and wall-mount. It allows the user to bump test (or calibrate if desired) four detectors at the same time. The GCT External Pump allows any Gas Clip diffusion detector the ability to take remote samples from up to 75 feet away, thus making it a worker’s best friend in confined spaces. Visit for more information.

  • (Jul 22, 2022)

    In conjunction with our detectors, Gas Clip Technologies offers a variety of gas detection accessories—such as our docking stations. Each dock can calibrate four detectors (or bump test them) at the same time; and no matter which dock you need for your detectors, you can get it in a portable or wall-mounted version. Visit our website for more information.

  • (Jul 22, 2022)

    For the days when all you need is a single gas detector, check out the Single Gas Clip from Gas Clip Technologies! It comes in three different versions—SGC O2, SGC H2S and SGC CO for detecting carbon monoxide. All three have top-of-the-line sensor reliability along with adjustable alarm set points, a programmable six-digit detector ID code and a two-year battery life.

    Our other single gas detector--the Single Gas Clip Plus--also has top quality sensor reliability and adjustable alarm set points with real-time gas reading capability. However, what sets the SGC Plus apart is the battery-saving hibernate mode which allows the it to be put to sleep when not in use thus extending its operation life span from two years to three years from activation. This detector comes in the  SGC Plus H2S version only.

    Visit or call +1.972.775.775 for more information.

  • (Aug 11, 2022)

    The chemical makeup of breathable air is a delicate balance of primarily nitrogen and oxygen with trace amounts of a few other gases, such as argon and carbon dioxide. If the percentages are altered too much, problems can arise—especially in confined spaces like manholes and silos. The composition of the atmosphere in such areas frequently contains dangerous gases due to the aging and decomposition processes of various materials, which in turn can make these worksites potentially fatal.

    To prevent disasters, precautions must be taken; and in the case of confined spaces, canaries were at one time the preventative measure of choice. Fortunately for our feathered friends, technology has greatly improved. One phenomenal tool currently at your disposal is the MGC Pump from Gas Clip Technologies. It allows you to safely test the air for combustible (LEL) gases, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) from up to 75 feet—even in inert atmospheres! This long-lasting pump has a continuous run time of 52 hours and only needs to be recalibrated once per year, unlike the industry average of one to three months.

    For more information about the MGC Pump and other Gas Clip products, visit our website at or call +1.972.775.7577.