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The StaySafe lone worker app and cloud-based hub is used by hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of users worldwide who testify to its ease of use, reliability and flexibility. We also provide wearable technology and satellite tracking devices for remote employees. 

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  • EcoOnline expands and strengthens its comprehensive EHS SaaS Solutions by acquiring StaySafe – a leading provider of cloud-based monitoring solutions that ensures lone workers are protected.

    The changing patterns in the world of work, with more flexibility and technology, lone working is on the rise in almost every industry. As the name suggests, a lone worker is a person who performs their job alone, without someone else present or supervision. Lone workers can also be working with another person but are out of hearing or visual distance. 

    StaySafe offers remote monitoring, panic alerts, and other solutions designed to protect lone or at-risk workers. Their platform includes an innovative and award-winning smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring solution that provides workers personal safety and security. The easy-to-use app tracks location in real-time, enabling employees to check in safely and request immediate assistance in an emergency. StaySafe also has several options for wearable device integration, and monitoring can be performed in-house or outsourced to response services in the relevant region.

    EcoOnline's CEO, Göran Lindö, states: 
    "Our mission in EcoOnline is to protect people and the environment. In StaySafe, we have found a team where the protection of people is in their DNA, and we see great potential for future joint growth and innovation. We believe StaySafe's solution is at the forefront of Lone Worker protection, and marrying it with our user-friendly EHS and chemical safety suite is an attractive match. Together, we will bring StaySafe's product to our 7 100+ customer base in the UK, Ireland, the US, and the Nordics, while offering our own broad EHS platform to StaySafe customers, creating a best-in-class on and off-site worker safety solution." 

    StaySafe is based in London, was established in 2012, and has 35 employees. It has a market presence in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and has reported strong ARR and customer growth over several years.

    The solution provides global coverage, and the company has over 850 clients and more than 40,000 users across the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Amongst its loyal customer base is several blue-chip customers such as Nokia, KPMG, Skanska, and GE.

    "We're delighted to become part of EcoOnline. For our customers, EcoOnline's significant resources will allow us to accelerate the development of the StaySafe Lone Worker product and offer some exciting new best-of-breed EHS solutions. EcoOnline's greater market access will allow us to accelerate our growth, particularly in areas where we have little presence. I think it's a great fit for our people, the company, and our clients," says Don Cameron, CEO of StaySafe.

    StaySafe provides lone worker safety solutions to over 850 organizations and more than 40,000 users in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The company offers a lone worker app, a cloud-based monitoring hub, wearable technology, and satellite tracking devices to protect remote employees. StaySafe can count on its loyal customer base, including blue-chip customers such as Veolia, Siemens, Ericsson, and GE.

    EcoOnline is a European EHSQ SaaS market leader dedicated to developing software and creating safer and more sustainable workplaces while ensuring compliance. EcoOnline has offered a positive contribution to customers and society since its inception and is a leader in the Nordics, the UK, and Ireland. The company has experienced strong organic growth over the last years and has a clear history of successfully acquiring and integrating companies with the same level of employee engagement.


    • Veolia’s approach to safety is “Always Safe - No Compromise”. Lone working is a daily part of operations and maintenance in the water division and carries inherent risk.
    • Throughout Australia and New Zealand, lone working is subject to specific requirements stated within the Work Health and Safety Acts and Regulations applicable to the state or country.
    • StaySafe is an app and cloud based monitoring service that helps Veolia to safeguard workers who are situated at remote locations or unmanned sites
    • During their trial, 92% of staff preferred StaySafe to their old solution

    Veolia's Water Division, situated across Australia and New Zealand, now uses StaySafe technology to adhere to Section 48 of the NSW Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017StaySafe is a smartphone app and cloud based monitoring hub which gives visibility of an employees location whilst they work alone. In an emergency, employees can use the app to raise a variety of alerts to ensure that help is sent immediately to the right location. 

    Workers are often situated at remote locations or unmanned sites where they are out of contact with other workers or members of the public for extended periods of time. In addition, poor phone reception in these locations can make it difficult to notify emergency services if there is an issue while staff are alone in the field.


    In late 2020, Veolia made the decision to review and standardise their lone worker solution.

    Before deciding on a new solution, Veolia first trialled the StaySafe app to assess its suitability. The free trial allowed their lone workers to use the system during their normal workday and when responding to call-outs after hours. It also enabled users and managers to test a number of different scenarios to check the app's usability, functionality and response process.

    “At the end of the trial, over 92% of Veolia’s trial participants said they would prefer to use the StaySafe app compared to our old system” explains Scott Murphy, Manager Operational Excellence at Veolia Australia - New Zealand.

    Following the successful trial, Veolia switched the 60 operators and maintenance staff across its 25 Hunter region sites to StaySafe. Since that time, Veolia has moved an additional 20 staff across three sites in the Illawarra Region to StaySafe.

    “Part of the value provided to Veolia and our employees is the ability to easily raise an alarm and get help, or, if an incident occurs, be easily located by emergency services,” says Karen Arkinstall, Compliance Manager for Veolia’s Hunter Water contract.

    The StaySafe app is linked to a secure cloud-based hub that provides businesses with real-time updates on the safety status of their lone workers. In an emergency, employers can accurately locate their staff on a map and send immediate assistance to them. The hub is customisable and allows employers to create tailored reporting lines and escalation procedures to ensure lone workers get the help they need in an emergency.


    The StaySafe solution impressed Veolia in a number of areas.


    The positive feedback from lone workers who were a part of the trial included:


       the ease of use of the solution as a whole.

       in-app training made roll out of the app smooth and quick

       being able to configure the alerts such as man-down, and panic alarms

       the GPS accuracy, which allows for faster response times if a lone worker is in danger

       the highly visible, big red button that is easy to push in an emergency and easy to change or cancel


    “Part of the value provided to Veolia and our employees is the ability to easily raise an alarm and get help, or, if an incident occurs, be easily located by emergency services,” says Karen Arkinstall, Systems Manager for Veolia’s Hunter Water contract.

    “Health and Safety Legislation in New Zealand makes it clear that the risks to lone workers, who can be particularly vulnerable if an accident or incident occurs, are adequately managed. StaySafe helps companies keep in regular communication with staff, in a way that can be managed and monitored carefully by the company. Not only does it provide a robust way to ensure staff get help if they need it, it also provides an audit trail to show that safety measures have been put in place should an incident occur". says Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe.


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    Sam Towens, Senior Marketing Executive


    About Veolia

    Veolia Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) is a $2 billion business whose ‘purpose’, put simply, is to enhance the environment we live in to ensure that humans can continue to thrive. We are here to clean up, to recover, to recycle, and to provide renewable energy and clean water for our municipal, industrial and commercial customers.

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    About StaySafe

    StaySafe is a smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring service which monitors employee location via GPS or satellite whilst they are at work and alerts their employer if they do not check-in within a specified time. The app offers a wide range of functions including panic button, check-in, man-down and duress alerts. StaySafe currently protects the lives of thousands of employees within both major brands and small businesses, in more than 40 countries.


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  • StaySafe Lone Worker App & Hub
    Protect your lone workers, 24/7, wherever they are.

    Quickly and easily locate employees in an emergency and send immediate help with our lone worker app and solutions....

  • StaySafe is trusted by S&P500 companies, SMEs and the third sector to protect their workforce

    The StaySafe lone worker app and cloud-based monitoring hub is used by hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of users worldwide who testify to its ease of use, reliability, and flexibility. We also provide wearable technology and satellite tracking devices for remote employees.

    Look after your lone workers

    StaySafe is a powerful tool for helping organisations operate to legal standards. Employers have legal responsibility for health and safety, and failure to meet legislative standards can result in fines and even jail sentences. Deploying the StaySafe app demonstrates a clear commitment to lone worker safety. Read our Lone Worker Legislation blog for more info.

    Easy to install, easy to use

    The StaySafe app is available in Google Play and the App Store, and is easy to download. It runs on iOS and Android cell phones and includes automatic functions and hands-free operation. The app communicates with head office systems through phone networks or satellite links. Monitoring is available via our Lone Worker Hub or with Outsourced Monitoring through an external provider. The app has minimal impact on the workload of IT departments, and StaySafe provides a full range of support and training.

    Lone worker expertise

    For employers and senior executives, lone working can be a grey area. StaySafe has far-reaching knowledge of lone worker safety issues. Clients and potential clients can find everything they need to know in StaySafe’s Lone Worker Guide.

    Know what’s happening

    The StaySafe app allows you to record all safety incidents and alerts for auditing purposes. Employers and management teams have access to live and recorded information to measure against KPIs.

    A cost-effective solution to lone worker safety

    The cost of using the StaySafe app is low because it runs on workers’ cell phones. The Lone Worker App is able to provide class-leading levels of protection, even at low cost. Workers who feel safe are more productive. Even with the high functionality of the app, it requires less personnel resource than systems which are less technologically advanced.

    Welcomed by employers and staff

    Employers appreciate the effectiveness and low cost of the StaySafe app. Staff engagement is high thanks to the sense of security and wellbeing the app brings to their working lives, as well the ease-of-use of the technology. Because the app is on their cell phones, employees don’t have to overcome the barriers that often arise from using company equipment. Additionally, workers can maintain privacy and are in control of the app. The StaySafe app connects with Wearable Technology so it can be worn discreetly within clothing, allowing for unseen use in tense or confrontational situations.

    Best-in-class reach

    The StaySafe app has measurably better reach than competitors as it Works Effectively in Low Signal areas. For workers operating in Areas Without Network Coverage, StaySafe systems can run on satellite coverage, ensuring that all communications, including emergencies, can be managed.

    Available for a free trial

    Our lone worker solutions keep over 50,000 employees safe globally every day. Book a demo today, and sign up for a free trial of the StaySafe app.