Accelerating Technology to Solve for Top Safety Risks

  • Room: 32 A
  • Session Number:3
Monday,September 19, 2022:1:00 PM -2:00 PM


Emily Whitcomb
Director, Work to Zero
National Safety Council - Work to Zero
Evan Neale
Environmental Health & Safety Manager
Service Center Metals
Sarah Ischer
Senior Program Manager, Work to Zero
National Safety Council


The National Safety Council’s Work to Zero initiative has partnered with Safetytech Accelerator to accelerate the development of new technology to solve for top safety risks. The inaugural project identified working from height as its first challenge. Numerous startups and existing technology providers were invited to put forth a possible solution, and Work to Zero worked to engage a small to medium-sized company to pilot the technology. Join us as we discuss accelerating technology to address working at height, share one company’s innovation journey and tell you how you can get involved in future projects.