NSC Safety Technology Pavilion


At the National Safety Council, we believe technology will play a large role in reducing, even eliminating, our stagnant injury and fatality rates. In a recent national survey, we found that one of the biggest barriers for employers adopting technologies for the purpose of workplace safety is a limited knowledge of what technology currently exists.

For the upcoming NSC 2021 Safety Congress & Expo, we are excited to announce the launch of the new NSC Safety Technology Pavilion. It will include new resources from our Work to Zero initiative, and educational tracks focused on technology solutions. The pavilion will also focus on new technology products and services that are creative, innovative and support the NSC mission and goal of saving lives, from the workplace to any place.

Thank you to our sponsors


Thank you to our exhibitors

  • algolook - Booth #1975
  • Be Global Safety - Booth #2174
  • Bodytrack - Booth #1967
  • Hounds Labs, Inc. - Booth #2172
  • Kinetic Eye - Booth #2166
  • Motive.io - Booth #2168
  • MiEHS Alliance - Booth #1971
  • National Safety Council - Work to Zero - Booth #2170
  • ShareInTech - Booth #1969
  • StrongArm Tech - Booth #1973

Tech Talks

Enjoy Tech Talks on the NSC Safety Technology Pavilion's stage. Tech Talks schedule

New Resources from Work to Zero

The Pavilion will also feature new resources and offerings from our Work to Zero initiative, focused on eliminating fatalities in the workplace through the adoption of safety technology. WTZ will be releasing new resources including a Technology Readiness Assessment Tool and white paper.

Technology Readiness Assessment

Digital technologies are driving our operations into the Industry 4.0 era. They also present a unique turning point for safety. From enhancing visibility to risk, to enabling personalized intervention, to offering new ways to alert, inform, engage, and influence our workforce, digital technologies are transforming how we protect our workers, minimize loss, and increase profitability. Yet, to yield the true potential of what digital transformation has to offer, organizations must be very intentional in their investments to equip and align their mindsets, skill sets, and tool sets. Through a partnership with DEKRA, Work to Zero invites you to utilize this assessment tool to better understand your company’s readiness to innovate.

Safety Technology Educational Track

Learn about safety technologies in the workplace through our safety technology educational offerings.

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