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SAFETY-INXS are industry leaders in the design, manufacture and distribution of a comprehensive range of industrial hand protection products and solutions. Our mission is to help industry professionals achieve a higher level of hand protection with specially designed, multi-functional safety gloves. Using only the latest most innovative blended cut resistant yarns, aramids, synthetics and dipping/coating formulations, INXS deliver superior products that have redefined the standard of quality.

With over 25 years of experience in the safety industry we have developed a close working relationship with many of our international clients, a list that includes the world’s top glove companies. This has given us a unique understanding of our client’s requirements which has enabled us to work closely with them to design and develop bespoke hand protection solutions for a diverse range of industry sectors.

With us being the actual factory, designer and developer, we are in the unique position to adapt or develop gloves rapidly in partnership with our clients and their end users’ needs, nobody else can compete with in this respect!

Brands: KARBONHEX, Mekotex, Oil grip, Pu, Nitriumx, Nitrile, Latex, Chemical, HDNX, PVC, string knit, Leather, Disposable, INPAX

 Press Releases

  • (Jan 19, 2021)

    KARBONHEX is very excited and proud to announce the launch of their new updated and expanded portfolio of Unkompromisingly Kool, High Specification Hand Protection. An advanced, innovative range of ergonomic multi-functional hand protection, originally conceptualized, designed, and styled especially for professionals working in the most challenging situations, conditions, and hazardous environments.

    Extended, diverse product offerings, ranging from super lightweight high dexterity pinpoint precision handling gloves to super rugged gloves that feature all-around anti-impact, extreme durability and cut resistance options are now available from stock. “KARBONHEX raises the bar for working professional hand protection, advancing grip, fit, functionality, comfort, and of course protection - the essential

    attributes of the Karbonhex DNA,” said Jason Sparrow, commercial director. “High specification, high performance, quality hand protection that combines award-winning innovative design with striking good looks, style, and functionality that UNKOMPROMISINGLY KOOL…  ”

  • #Winter #safety #gloves are essential in protecting working professionals hands in hazardous jobs from the extremes of winter weather that expose them to cold & wet conditions making even the most basic job more difficult to accomplish, not to mention more painful in the event of a slip, knock or bump!! There is nothing worse or more dangerous than cold, wet hands & fingers with reduced feeling when working with heavy equipment/machinery, sheet metal, iron/rigging, pipes, chain & tools that are often wet, oily & greasy exposing hands to impacts, cuts, slashes and puncture hazards

    KX94V - Renegade+ Viz by KARBONHEX

    #Cut #resistant, durable heavyweight Hi-Viz winter lined seamless handling glove that offers warmth & dryness with a textured foam latex knuckle dipped coating for great wet & dry grip and #liquid #resistance. Flexible anti #impact #guard zones provide impact protection to the rear of the hand.

    > Sandy Foam Latex 3/4 coating provides excellent wet & dry grip while protecting from water & liquids

    > Cut resistant #Hi-#Viz heavyweight seamless 10g knitted #thermal shell with brushed fleece lining provides all-day warmth & comfort

    > Maximum #dorsal #impact #protection to fingers & knuckles while remaining flexible & dextrous due ‘VARIFLEX’ Impact patented technology.

  • Superior fit, ultra-lightweight seamless precision handling glove with a form-fitting palm dipped dual polymer micropitted texture coating that offers extreme abrasion resistance, performance grip, and precise handling of small wet/dry/oily components & apparatus.

    • Ultra-High Abrasion Resistant Nitrile Micro-Foam Palm
    • 25,000+ Abrasion Cycles to EN388:2016, SATRA Tested
    • Maximum Precision Grip of Dry, Wet & Oily Apparatuses
    • Extreme Longevity for Extra Demanding Applications
    • Superior Fit ‘N’ Feel 15g Nylodex Breathable Shell
    • Lightweight - Low Hand Fatigue – All Day Comfort
    • Optional Extra: Touchscreen Compatibility
    • Optional Extra: Reinforced Thumb Crotch
    • Optional Extra: SANITIZED Anti-Microbial Treatment
    • Optional Extra: Liquid Resistant Shell Treatment
  • Cut & impact resistant Hi-Viz, touchscreen compatible durable handling glove with a dual Nitrile dipped palm coating that offers performance grip and dexterity for the handling of sharp components in wet, oily, and slippery conditions. Flexible anti-impact guard zones provide impact protection to the full rear of the hand.

    It is important to keep hands protected when working in high-risk situations which may pose a variety of health and safety risks. The REAPER VIZ is designed for the most demanding applications, industries, and environments to offer working professionals the highest level of protection against hazards. These include the Oil & Gas, Mining, Heavy Manufacturing, and Construction sectors when working with heavy equipment/machinery, sheet metal, iron/rigging, pipes, chain, and tools that are often wet, oily, and greasy exposing hands to impacts, cuts, slashes and puncture hazards.

    1.Granular (sandy) foam Nitrile dual-layered palm coating provides maximum precision grip in wet and oily handling conditions. Fully touch screen Compatible

    2.Hi-Viz cut-resistant 13g composite knitted shell provides a comfortable fit, feel, and all-round cut & slash protection

    3.Exceptional dorsal impact protection to fingers & knuckles while remaining flexible and dexterous due to its innovative Integrated Expansion Slots & Full Flex Points


    • I.E.S – Integrated Expansion Slots – undoubtedly the most significant innovative advancement are the 3 strategically positioned expansion slots that allow the knuckle points to move freely when the hand is clenched WITHOUT exposing the knuckles to impact like many inferior designs on the market. Knuckle impact protection and comfort accomplished!
    • F.T.P - Full Thumb Protection – unique design footprint provides crucial protection to the entire thumb and knuckle joints, an area which is sadly left unprotected on almost all other impact guards! Features 2 patent-pending innovations alone – (1) three-way Integrated Expansion Slot on thumb interphalangeal joint to release pressure and improve comfort. (2) Full Flex Point at the metacarpal joint for increased flexibility.
    • F.F.P - Full Flex Points – deeper/wider channels engineered into key areas that contour and flex, mimicking every finger and hand movement providing exceptional flexibility, comfort, and reduced hand fatigue - another key aspect of our design and utility patent.


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