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Award-winning solutions, designed to save you time and money, avoid fines, and keep your employees safe as you comply with OSHA rules and requirements.

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  • As of January 4, 2021, the BLR® acronym will now represent “Business and Learning Resources” as the company evolves in its delivery of education and training solutions. The BLR logo also receives a fresh, modern redesign, accompanied by a new tagline: “Putting Knowledge to Work.”

    Chief Product Officer Dave Cella says, “We are still committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable state-specific and federal legal guidance; but as the workplace has modernized and developed pressing needs around training and talent development, our solutions have followed suit to meet employers where they are. Our learning solutions ensure our clients receive the right knowledge, at the right time, in the right way to take decisive, positive, and productive action.”

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  • BLR announces the release of its highly anticipated EHS compliance and workflow platform, EHS Hero. This new workflow solution revolutionizes how environmental, health, and safety organizations train their teams and stay informed and compliant with changing OSHA, EPA, and state-level regulations.

    “Our current EHS product line, while continuing to meet the needs of our subscribers, needed an upgrade as well,” said David Cella, Chief Product Officer of Simplify Compliance. “EHS Hero includes the reliable and thorough compliance information and guidance our subscribers are used to, with enhanced UI/UX, upgraded tools, and greater opportunities to find answers to their challenging compliance and EHS management questions.”

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  • With ever-changing regulations and emerging safety concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professionals to access training and compliance support is more important than ever. To help fulfill that need, BLR® is proud to announce the launch of a new EHS Solution Center filled with the latest compliance, regulatory guidance, and training resources.

    With a majority of EHS companies continuing to operate on-site, workplace safety and injury prevention continue to be top priorities. Chris Ceplenski, Senior Manager of Content for BLR says “EHS professionals are not only looking for ways to mitigate risk, they are looking for ways to take preventive action against potential hazards and incidents; while improving their corporate safety culture.”

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  • EHS Hero
    A compliance and workflow platform providing expert legal analysis, guidance, training and tools for EHS professionals including a Chart Builder, SDS Search, Plan Builder, Report a Spill, Safety Toolbox Trainer, timesaving resources, EHS Hotline and more....

  • Powerful tools and features accessible through a customizable dashboard include:

    • Chart Builder: Compare and contrast federal and state EHS regulatory info quickly.
    • SDS Search: Search through MSDSonline’s extensive database.
    • Plan Builder: Create custom plans that meet the needs of your organization.
    • Report a Spill: Quickly report a spill using your state’s specific reporting information.
    • Safety Toolbox Trainer: Schedule safety meetings, manage notes, and streamline compliance obligations.
    • Timesaving Downloads: Browse thousands of ready-to-use checklists, forms, and posters.
    • Instructor-Led Trainings: Customizable slide decks, toolbox talks, and safety meeting resources.
    • EHS Hotline: Thorough, personalized, plain-English answers to your most pressing questions.
    • Regulatory Activity: Locate state and federal final and proposed rules

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  • TrainingToday eLearning
    Our extensive online course library on hundreds of workplace topics with engaging and interactive presentations and valuable training tools delivered via multiple LMS delivery platforms are mobile friendly so you can train anywhere, anytime....

  • Featured TrainingToday Libraries:

    • Environment Health and Safety to increase awareness of safety and environmental best practices, achieve compliance with national OSHA and state workplace rules and regulations, and create the safest possible environment for employees.
    • NEW! COVID-19 and the Workplace: Housekeeping and Hygiene on how to develop a cleaning and disinfection plan for your workplace; implement the plan while following CDC, OSHA, and EPA rules and guidelines; respond appropriately if a coworker becomes sick; and maintain safe hygiene practices like hand-washing, respiratory etiquette, wearing face coverings if recommended, social distancing, and staying home when sick.
    • Human Resources to keep your employees productive and your organization in compliance that include preventing sexual harassment, employment law, diversity, and more.

    Additional courses available on business skills, education, sales and service, hospitality, and healthcare.

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  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Online Training
    Our safety trainings help employers and employees create a safe work environment by preparing them to identify, avoid, control and prevent workplace hazards keeping your entire workforce compliant with OSHA training requirements....

  • 10-Hour Training—Designed for health care professionals, factory and warehouse staff, the manufacturing industry and more.

    • Introduction to OSHA
    • Electrical
    • Fire Protection
    • Walking and Working Surfaces
    • Flammable and Combustible Liquids
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Machine Guarding
    • Hazard Communication
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Safety and Health Programs

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    30-Hour Training—Designed for entry to senior level factory employees, site supervisors, foremen and safety managers.

    • Introduction to OSHA
    • OSHA Inspection Procedures and Safety Programs
    • Recordkeeping
    • Hazard Communication
    • Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans
    • Fire Prevention and Protection
    • Electrical
    • Flammable and Combustible Liquids
    • Machine Guarding
    • Material Handling
    • Confined Space
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Industrial Hygiene

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  • 7 Minute Safety Trainer
    Deliver safety meetings in as little as 7-minutes. Choose from 140 key occupational health and safety meeting topics, copy the reproducible handouts and quizzes, and document records of training to get workers back on the job....

  • Each meeting outline helps you comply with a specific OSHA safety training regulation, such as hazard communication, electrical safety, lockout/tagout, forklifts, etc. The sessions are effective and fast to get workers trained and back on the job.

    Benefits Include:

    • 140 prewritten safety sessions - on every important OSHA -regulated topics
    • Reproducible, illustrated safety handouts - Each meeting topic has cleverly illustrated handouts to ensure a lasting message
    • Safety quizzes and answer keys – to verify that workers understand key concepts
    • Easy-to-use recordkeeping system - Each safety quiz has a section for the employee's signature and an attendee sign-in sheet to give OSHA proof that workers have received training
    • Training tips for a successful safety meeting - Detailed suggestions and ideas to help make you an effective trainer
    • Annual updates - New and updated training meetings keep you up to date on newly regulated OSHA topics, liven up refresher training

    Plus, Bonus 10 Toolbox Talks on a variety of subjects (delivered every August).


  • Safety Toolbox Trainer
    Your one-stop solution for busy safety professionals who need to keep up with their management and compliance obligations on-the-go. Easily schedule your OSHA safety meetings and manage your work-related notes all in one convenient place....

  • Safety Toolbox Trainer is conveniently accessible from a computer or mobile device. The training resources provided include full lesson plans, handouts, and quizzes, equipping trainers with everything they need to conduct a meaningful and compliant safety meeting.

    Safety Toolbox Trainer Helps You…

    • Manage and train on-the-go: Select from hundreds of safety meeting topics to train in the office or in the field.
    • Stay organized with the toolbox dashboard: Review employee counts, scheduled meetings, and incident breakdowns, all in one convenient interface.
    • Record notes in one central location:   Create new notes and search for notes that have already occurred.  

    On the desktop version of the tool, you can manage what gets sent to trainers in the field, assign trainers to a particular topic, choose which attendees should be trained, and set a date and time for the training. After a session is done, it’s simple for trainers to mark a training as complete, making the entire process streamlined from start to finish!

    This is available as part of our EHS Hero platform and at

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