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    PORTLAND, Ore. – January 11, 2021 – In keeping with COAST’S enduring commitment to improving worker safety, the company’s new eye protection line leverages its leadership in portable lighting to make workers even safer on the job. Two of the line’s three products include a rechargeable LED beam built into the high-impact nylon frame to create a combined eye-protection and vision-enhancement solution.

    By integrating two critical functions, COAST lighted eye protection declutters workers’ gear in a move that goes well beyond OSHA requirements. The beam mounted at the corner of the right lens is controlled by a simple on/off switch and provides extra light where needed—reducing eye strain and improving vision when details make the difference for work quality and safety. Beam options include COAST’s legendary Inspection Beam and Bulls-Eye Spot Beam.

    An integrated Micro USB power port simplifies recharging for lighted models—whether drawing power from the dash of a truck, a computer, or standard wall outlet. COAST’s collection of Safety Glasses also includes a standard, non-lighted option.

    Designed for a snug and secure fit, all COAST eye protection features padded nose fittings and temple pieces for all-day comfort. The family of eyewear products includes interchangeable lenses that can be swapped between models—available in clear, yellow, and smoke, all of which are scratch-resistant, UV-protective, and premium anti-fog to ensure that workers can see and be safer in all jobsite conditions.

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  • PORTLAND, Ore. – January 27, 2021 – As a natural extension of its commitment to increasing worker safety, COAST’s new line of hand protection not only guards the hands from direct risks—like abrasion and cuts—but also uses glow technology to improve hand orientation and visibility to co-workers. Increased visibility helps head off injuries on the job.

    COAST High-Vis Glow Safety Gloves make hand protection as practical as possible, using nylon and flex-stretch steel yarns to achieve comfortable fits while also supplying ANSI A1 and A3 cut ratings in the two available models. High-vis material is amplified by a self-powered GlowSAFE phosphorescent glow patch on the back of the hand to ensure that workers and co-workers always know where their hands are.

    BreatheWEARÔ nitrile dipped palms allow the hands to stay cool during work while also enabling touchscreen compatibility so that workers remain connected on the job. The secure-knit wrist closure enhances comfort throughout the day, and the reinforced saddle on the A3 model protects hands at the heaviest wear point.

    As a key component of COAST’s VIS-SAFEÔ line, its recent innovations in hand protection deliver on the company’s safety mantra: Be Seen, Be Safer.

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  • PORTLAND, Ore. – January 22, 2021 – Drawing on its extensive background in portable lighting technology, COAST recently extended its mission to help workers “Be Seen, Be Safer” with the release of its VIS-SAFEÔ ANSI-compliant safety vests with LED lighting built into their design.

    Constructed of breathable and washable, high-visibility mesh fabric, COAST High-Vis Lighted Safety Vests go beyond OSHA compliance with a variety of safety-enhancing lighting features. Vest model options include:

    • Rechargeable, wireless, dual-mode (solid and flashing) integrated lighting that wraps all the way around the vest to create 360 degrees of visibility.
    • Rechargeable, dual-mode (solid and flashing) LED light strips on the back of the vest—which can be removed for recharging via the integrated micro USB port or when washing the vest is necessary.
    • Two-tone reflective accents—in both standard and “x-back” styles—that enhance the already ANSI-compliant retroreflective stripes.
    • Self-powered phosphorescent stripes that glow in the dark to illuminate worker location in transitional lighting and no-light environments.

    All COAST safety vests come standard with several practical features for on-the-job simplicity, including two shoulder-mounted mic tabs for clipping on tools and instruments, exterior and interior pockets, and secure zipper closures on the front.

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  • PORTLAND, Ore. – January 18, 2021 – Already the leader in portable lighting, COAST recently created three wearable technology products that use innovative LED technology to enhance personal safety for the jobsite, the home, and recreational environments.

    Pocket-sized for maximal versatility, COAST SL1 and SL1R Multi-Purpose Safety Lights enable workers to customize how they stay visible and safe on the job. With multiple attachment options (clip and adhesive mounts) for adaptability to garments, hardhats, and gear, these circle-shaped lights use three red output modes (solid, flashing, and turbo flashing) to mitigate risk in a wide range of scenarios.

    Both rated IP54 stormproof, the SL1 and SL1R are distinguished by their power sources. The rechargeable SL1R Multi-Purpose Safety Light features a built-in COAST ZITHION™ battery and comes with a USB charging cable for convenience and long-term savings. The SL1 is powered by two CR2032 alkaline batteries.

    The COAST SA300 High-Vis Lighted Safety Armband expands COAST’s wearable technology line with a weather-resistant lighting option that shines vivid orange light in two modes—solid and flashing. Using an adjustable hook-and-loop elastic strap to fasten around any part of the body or related work gear, the armband allows workers to tailor their safety solution to the needs of the job.

    COAST wearable technology is part of the company’s commitment to helping workers be seen and be safer, a natural expression of its longstanding innovation agenda which prizes worker safety and jobsite simplicity.

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  • PORTLAND, Ore. – January 4, 2021 – COAST pushes the state of the art in portable lighting with the release of its XP Professional Series flashlights and XPH Professional Series headlamps. The new family of lights pairs COAST’s renowned beam-shaping technology with brightest-ever LEDs, rechargeable power, and upgraded aluminum core bodies.

    Most products in the XP/XPH family feature a new light-output technology from COAST known as Turbo Mode. With specific models providing as much as 2100 lumens, these flashlights and headlamps are outfitted with a super-charged beam to equip workers like never before with COAST’s flood-to-spot focusing optics—illuminating the darkest near-range environments or reaching far into the distance to spotlight objects.

    COAST Dual Power technology allows users the option to use the included COAST rechargeable ZITHION-XÔ battery or standard off-the-shelf batteries. XPs and XPHs feature a variety of recharging options via the USB-C charging cord—either leaving the battery inside the light or removing it depending on the model.

    To simplify power management, most models in this series have a battery life indicator that signals when a recharge is needed. And all of the headlamps can be removed from their mounting bracket to become a handheld flashlight whose magnetic tail cap affixes to metallic surfaces to increase hands-free lighting versatility.

    COAST’s aggressive pricing on this family of lights means consumers save, reinforcing the company’s longstanding commitment to make worker’s jobs safer and lives easier through innovation in portable lighting technology.

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  • SA300 Armband
    A versatile, rechargeable lighted armband for work or play makes you visible and safe....

  • A versatile, rechargeable lighted armband for work or play makes you visible and safe. The COAST SA300 High-Vis Lighted Safety Armband shines safety orange light in two modes: solid and flashing. Equipped with flexible straps so you can affix it to any part of your arms or legs to be seen and be safe. 
  • SG300 High-Vis Glow Safety Gloves
    Keep your hands safe, visible, and nimble with COAST SG300 High-Vis Glow Safety Gloves....

  • Keep your hands safe, visible, and nimble with COAST SG300 High-Vis Glow Safety Gloves. Designed to increase hand-awareness and workplace safety, the self-powered phosphorescent glow badge on the back of the hand illuminates when workers transition from light to dark environments. 
  • SG400 High-Vis Glow Safety Gloves
    Keep your hands visible and safe with our A3 rated, cut-resistance safety gloves....

  • Keep your hands visible and safe with our A3 rated, cut-resistance safety gloves. Made from 13-gauge flex-stretch steel yarn, the gloves are designed to combine ruggedness, increased hand awareness, and safety. 
  • SH300 Hard Hat
    Full brim hard hat with 360 visibility....

  • Stay visible from 360 degrees and stay safe with the COAST SH300 Full Brim Hard Hat. Comes with a 4-point suspension for a snug, comfortable fit, and maximum breathability with ventilation on each side. 
  • SL1 and SL1R Safety Lights
    Three mode, red safety light for maximum awareness on the job or at play....

  • The SL1 and SL1R Red Safety Light comes with three light modes, solid and two flashing options, as well as a clip or built-in adhesive patch. Perfect for the back of a hard hat, front or back of a vest, or attached to any equipment. Also great for early morning cycling or walks. 
  • SPG300 Safety Glasses
    Keep your eyes protected and focused on the job....

  • The COAST SPG300 Safety Glasses come with interchangeable lenses, ANSI-tested for impact resistance and designed to last. Comes with clear and smoke-colored lenses, which are easy to switch out, and both are rated for anti-fog and anti-scratch. 
  • SPG400 Safety Glasses
    Safety Glasses with built-in inspection beam....

  • The SPG400 Safety Glasses come with our anti-scratch, anti-fog, and ANSI-tested lenses, as well as a built in inspection beam giving you up to 9.5 hours of run time in one, full charge. Protect your eyes and those hard to illuminate work areas with these rechargeable lighted safety glasses with up to six feet of beam distance. 
  • SPG500 Safety Glasses
    Safety Glasses with a bulls-eye spot beam integrated in the frame....

  • The SPG500 Safety Glasses are integrated with our patented Bulls-Eye Spot Beam optical on our classic inspection beam light. With an integrated, lithium-ion battery, and high/low settings, this is the ultimate in eye-protection and visibility for those hard to reach work areas. 
  • SV300 Safety Vest
    Be seen and be safe with the High-Vis Lighted Safety Vest...

  • The new High-Vis Lighted Safety Vest is made with ANSI high-vis yellow fabric and comes with a rechargeable, removable LED safety light strip, which has solid and flashing modes. 
  • SV400 Safety Vest
    Be seen and be safe with the new High-Vis Lighted Safety Vest...

  • Designed to maximize on-the-job safety in unpredictable light conditions, this two-tone, ANSI high-vis yellow mesh vest combines safety with lightweight construction. It also comes with an LED lighted strip, with solid and flashing modes, as well as two, shoulder mounted mic tabs for tools and pens. 
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