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Welcome to the world Premier of Budee.

Today, concerns for safety and abiding by safety regulations have never been more important.

Yet despite this heightened sense of responsibility, many incidents are still occurring more than necessary.

This is especially critical for people with skilled jobs that have additional health and safety risks with high levels of stress.

But now there’s a new trusted friend, with only personal physical and mental safety in mind.

Say hello to Budee.

When it comes to safety, this ground-breaking new device is as skilled as the employees who interact with it.

Budee is a personalized, helpful, unbiased and tool they can fully trust and rely.

A devise that intuitively understands them, speaks their language and supports them without bias.

Like an interactive, personal safety “coach’ placed right in their hands, they will be empowered and better prepared to stay safe and work more effectively.

It’ll finally make them feel like someone has their back by giving them the ”green light to get home safely everyday.

So why risk anyone’s safety unnecessarily?  When employers and employees work with Budee, they are “Good to Go”.

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  • Budee
    Budee is the worlds first pro-active science based tool that helps workers start their day safely and stay safe through out the day....

  • In a matter of a few minutes workers can see if they have any expiring certificates, if there are weather warnings, messages relevant to the day, answer a few questions regarding sleep, mood and state of mind, and then know if they are good to go for the day.

    Budee checks on possible impairment, fatigue, mental wellness, and more of its users. It even uses the worlds best pharmaceutical data base to alert users and supervisors if there are worrying side effects or drug interactions.  Budee helps workers track their state through out the week and alert them if there are signals that are worrisome.  All the information provided is private to the worker and alerts are only sent to supervisors if there are concerns. No personal information is provided. 

    Budee is always there, always ready to help and guide. Budee is a workers friend and safety companion.

    Budee's design was guided by senior safety field experts working across many different industries.  Budee will change how safety is managed forever. 

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