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NLG Never Let Go are the leading manufacturer of tool lanyards and tool tethers, supported by a comprehensive range of dropped object prevention equipment and training programs.


  • NLG Tether Tape™
    Tether Tape™ uses advanced self-fusing silicone technology to create load rated tether points on any tool in seconds....

  • NLG Tether Tape™ uses advanced self-fusing silicone technology to create load rated tether points on any tool within seconds. As most tools are not designed with a manufactured attachment point, NLG’s Instant Tether System™ uses Tether Tape™ and D Rings to quickly retrofit tether points, ready for any tool lanyard to connect to.

    No heat source or other specialist tools are required to fit Tether Tape™ as it is simply activated by stretching. It fully bonds to itself within 24 hours at room temperature but is tested and certified for immediate use. Because no adhesive is used in the process, the retrofitted tool tether can be easily removed when no longer required, leaving no sticky residue or permanent damage to the tool.

    NLG Tether Tape™ features a fibreglass reinforcement mesh for exceptional strength, durability and resistance against tears and punctures.
    Pair with a Large D Ring, Small D Ring or Non Conductive D Ring for common hand tools or use with Tether Choke™ single arm or twin arm when securing power tools and large straight shafted tools. Based on a general selection of hand tools, one roll will tether up to 10 tools on average.

    Reduce wastage when the tether point is no longer needed by simply cutting away the Tether Tape™ and retaining the D Ring Tether or Choke™ so that it can be reused on another tool.

    The flexibility and speed of the combined Instant Tether System™ make Tether Tape™ the first choice across a broad range of industries. Keep a roll to hand, and a selection of D Rings, and you’ll never be caught out again.

  • 123 Tool Tethering System
    Tool Tethering: An Easy 3 Step System to Tether Your Tools...

  • How to tether tools

    Tethering tools can, quite literally, be as easy as one, two, three. We talked earlier about the three components of a tool tethering system:
    1. Tether point
    2. Tool lanyard
    3. Anchor point
    We’ve kept our tool tethering system simple because it doesn’t need to be more complicated than this.

    Here are the three components:

    Tether point

    You need to begin with a tether point on the tool itself. As many tools don’t have an attachment point for a tool lanyard, we’ve developed tether points that can be retrofitted to any tool without causing damage, limiting its use or invalidating the tool’s warranty.

    Create a tether point

    Tool lanyard

    There are different types of tool lanyards for different equipment, tasks and environments. A tool lanyard can be made of webbing, wire or non-conductive materials. There are also bungee, coiled or retractable tool lanyard designs. You need to assess both your tools and where they’ll be used to decide which kind of lanyard is most suitable. You may want to have several types and lengths of lanyards to allow you to use your tools in various scenarios without any difficulty.

    Choose the best tool lanyard

    Anchor point

    Your anchor point needs to be just as robust as the rest of the system. For lighter tools, they can be secured to a wristband, a workbelt or to a harness worn by the worker. Heavier items should be tethered to a strong, fixed point such as a load rated rail or beam.

    Select an anchor point

  • NLG Coil Tool Lanyard
    The NLG Coil Tool Lanyard combines great reach and compact lightweight design with tangle-free double action carabiners....

  • The NLG Coil Tool Lanyard is the benchmark for all tool lanyards – lightweight, with a aircraft cable core and 360°rotating double action carabiners. It is versatile, hardwearing and suitable for use in the most demanding industrial environments.

    The Coil Tool Lanyard is easily connected and disconnected making it quick to use with any type of tool weighing 3KG or under, such as hammers, spanners, ratchets, screwdrivers, pliers and power tools. The coil is specially optimised to lie flat to the body and avoid snagging.

  • NLG Heavy Duty Bungee Tool Lanyard
    The Heavy Duty Bungee Lanyard utilises advanced components to deliver unrivalled performance for heavy tools in the most severe environments....

  • The NLG Heavy Duty Bungee Lanyard is designed to handle the heavier tools and plant that other lanyards struggle with - right up to a maximum of 18kg weight. It has become established as the tool lanyard of choice in some of the harshest working environments known on this planet.

    It features a custom developed, abrasion-resistant webbing with a Dyneema® loop one end for connecting directly to a tether point, or through a captive handle or hole on any tool and a twist lock carabiner on the other end, that is still easy to use whilst wearing gloves, qualify the Heavy Duty Bungee Lanyard as the ultimate tool tethering lanyard.

  • NLG Super Heavy Duty Webbing Tool Lanyard
    The Super Heavy Duty Tool Lanyard is expertly constructed for the heaviest tools at height, with the extra length making it ideal for working platforms....

  • The Super Heavy Duty Tool Lanyard is a flat webbing lanyard that is specifically designed for use with very heavy power tools, and hand tools weighing up to 38KG.

    The twistlock double action carabiner ensures that there can be no accidental release whilst in use. The loop end of this lanyard can be used to loop around the captive handle of a power tool, through a manufactured captive eye, or around a fixed object or beam.

    This lanyard is made from flat webbing and has no elastication, meaning that it is great for use within MEWPs or working platforms as it has no resistance when in use. The long length means that you can work in a large area without having to disconnect the tool or lanyard.
    Expert Tip: All tools weighing over 2.5KG should be tethered to a fixed object rather than your body.

  • NLG Retractable Tool Lanyard
    The low profile Locking Retractable Tool Lanyard features a locking mechanism that allows the lanyard to be locked out while the tool is in use....

  • The Retractable Tool Lanyard is an ultra-low profile self-retracting tool lanyard. Designed to fit onto any anchor point with its double-action carabiner, it provides almost 360°coverage and free movement whatever the position.

    The unique locking mechanism, once activated, allows uninhibited use without any restraint and is quickly released. The rot-proof and rust-proof webbing coil ensures almost maintenance-free operation for use with tools up to 1.5kg in weight.

  • NLG Wrist Tool Lanyard
    The Adjustable Wristband pairs with a short coiled tool lanyard to make a popular and functional combination for small hand tools....

  • NLG’s Wrist Tool Lanyard creates a universal fit anchor point on the wrist. It is the wrist anchor point of choice in many industries due to its flexibility and ease of use. It is made from an elasticated webbing providing ergonomic all-day comfort with full adjustability allowing one size to fit all.

    The Adjustable Wristband is designed to be used with a Short Coil Tool Lanyard making a very compact and functional tethering combination particularly suitable when having to use multiple tools that need frequent connecting and disconnecting.

    The versatility of the wristband means that it can be used with any hand tool or small power tools up to 1.5kg if used on the wrist or tools up to 3kg if used as an anchor point on scaffolding etc.

    Expert Tip: Based on medical research, NLG recommend that the maximum weight attached to the wrist is 1.5kg.

  • NLG Helmet Lanyard
    The hi-vis, high-stretch elastic design of the Helmet Lanyard make it the cost-effective and comfortable choice to keep hard hats safe at height....

  • NLG’s Helmet Lanyard is the answer to preventing hard hats becoming another dropped PPE statistic. Designed to fit every hard hat design, the NLG Helmet Lanyard is hi-vis to allow for easy identification and is elasticated to improve wearer comfort.

    The unique Tough Teeth™ clip connects easily to all types of fabric and is specially designed to be used with only one hand. It is load rated to break at 14kg providing an additional safety feature if working in proximity to moving machinery.

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