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Justrite Safety Group is the largest provider of industrial and environmental safety products. Engineered and tested for unsurpassed reliability, flammable liquid storage cabinets, containers, and spill containment products help reduce fire risks, improve safety, and protect the environment. Safety showers provide reliable, effective treatment for personnel exposed to harmful substances. Gas-cylinder handling equipment minimizes injuries and incidents. Our offering also includes Notrax® ergonomic anti-fatigue mats to protect against slips and falls, and Checkers vehicular safety products, ground protection solutions, and cable management systems.

We partner with customers to better understand, anticipate and systematically address safety challenges facing workers every day. Our experts will survey your entire operation, identifying how to achieve compliance with applicable regulations. Justrite’s STUD-E program helps organizations meet safety challenges across industries worldwide.

Learn more about Justrite products: http://www.justrite.com

Learn more about Checkers and NoTrax products: https://checkers-safety.com/

Brands: Sure-Grip® EX, AccuFlow™, Smoker’s Cease-Fire®, EcoPolyBlend™, Rigid-Lock QuickBerm®, ChemCor®


  • NoTrax® Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue and Safety Matting
    The 570 De-Flex™ is the newest Notrax® innovation – a 18" x 18" rubber tile that hits the right balance of comfort, safety & flexibility....

  • As with any new Notrax® innovation – the premise for the new product design is clear: maximizing the level of comfort and safety for standing workers. In order to bring a truly new innovation to the market, we accepted the challenge to design our bestselling product, the 479 Cushion Trax®, into a modular and flexible solution for extreme industrial workstation applications.

    To make it bigger, we made it smaller

    We made the 570 De-Flex™ a 18”  x 18”  modular rubber tile so that it can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas, around corners and long aisle solutions.

    To make it heavier, we made it lighter

    The tiles are easy to handle weighing in at just 6.6 lb per tile.

    To make it softer, we made it harder

    144 hard bulleted domes beneath the surface force the mat to continually bend and “flex” with every movement enhanced even more by the natural resilience and “deflection” of the rubber compound.

    To create a single universal locking system, we designed a double locking system

    The first seamless universal interlocking system simplifies installation, yet the double-lock technique is extremely strong and will hold even in the most difficult conditions.

    To make it specialized, we made 6 variations

    Available in a range of specialized rubber compounds for general purpose applications, resistance to industrial oils, ESD static dissipative and fire retardant applications. Also available with Grip Step® II for extremely slippery areas.

    The result is an extremely comfortable heavy duty anti-fatigue matting system with popular diamond plate traction surface that can be easily assembled for coverage of large areas or individual workstation mats.  The 570 De-Flex™ is in essence equal opposing forces creating a perfect state of balance. 

    Seamless universal double-lock

    The 570 De-Flex™ has the first seamless universal interlocking system on all sides simplifying the installation as the tiles and safety ramps will fit in any which way.  Simply lay and double lock these handy tiles together to assemble individual mats, wall-to-wall flooring or islands, in any direction or shape.  

    The connection is completely seamless and does not impact the level of comfort even on the connection points.  The double-lock system is extremely strong and will hold even in the most difficult conditions.  

    A single extended bevelled ramp prevents tripping and allows cart access and is easily customized for inside and outside corners.

    High level of comfort

    144 bulleted domes underneath allow the mat to continually bend and “flex” with every movement while distributing weight evenly to allow the worker to stand upright and steady. The 19 mm thick platform elevates and insulates the worker from the hard ground.  

    Made from a durable rubber compound that provides a natural rebound resilience and creates an energizing rebound effect or “deflection” that stimulates automatic balance checks to improve posture and constant micro movements to maintain blood flow. 

    Too much cushioning can have a negative effect. Too great an amount of softness or “give” will actually cause excessive fatigue because it overworks the muscles.  Think of it like jogging in soft sand as an extreme example of this concept. 

    In material science, resilience is the ability of a material to absorb energy when it is deformed elastically, and release that energy upon unloading, without creating a permanent distortion.

    Freedom of movement

    The popular diamond plate surface provides traction yet allows easy twist turns for freedom of movement for dynamic workstations.  

    This study showed that the composition of the material and surface pattern significantly influences the mechanical behaviour of the mats. Some mats’ conceptions are very deformable against a load, while others allow normal load and transverse deformations.  It is suggested that mats with high potential stored energy, will be easiest for walking and movement, whereas mats with a high absorption and displacement of the weight will be easiest for static positions since they will offer high comfort for small variations of movement. 

    You can see a installation video here https://youtu.be/D8Twz473nBY

    Product information on the 570-De-Flex™ is here https://youtu.be/8sqoNn3ik5A

  • Safely Store Compressed Gas Cylinders
    Gas-cylinder handling equipment, including hand carts, barricade racks, forklift pallets, brackets and more - all specifically designed to offer optimum production & reduce the chance of an incident....

  • Compressed gas cylinders are inherently dangerous, heavy, and awkward to move and store. Justrite® barricade racks securely store cylinders away from potential passing forklift traffic or toppling accidents which could result in a broken valve, turning a cylinder into a devastating torpedo or rocket. Made of heavy duty steel with two levels of chain per cylinder, each rack is sealed with powder-coat paint for long lasting strength and durability.

    Two levels of welded steel chains for each cylinder clasps to connect the chains to the heavy-duty rack. Made of two-inch square structural steel tubing, each unit is sealed with exterior powder-coat paint for long lasting strength, durability, and dependability indoors or out.

    See all our gas-cylinder products at our website here https://www.justrite.com/gas-cylinder-storage-equipment.html