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Industrial Noise Control products and solutions for the work place.

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  • Acoustiblok® has the Solutions to Workplace Noise Problems

    Stop by the Acoustiblok Booth (#304) at the 2018 National Safety Council Congress & Expo to see and hear for yourself how effective our remarkable acoustical noise reducing products are for noise problems. Industrial All Weather Sound Panels® (wind tested at 270MPH) are designed for a noisy environment and are highly effective at lowering the noise level near workers and the entire factory or plant. They are not only sound blocking, but sound absorbing. They have an extraordinarily high STC of up to 35, NRC 1.00, and are UL Std 723 fire tested. For mobile use Acoustiblok offers a caster attachment.

    For over 20 years Acoustiblok, a NASA “Spinoff” listed company, has been a leader in developing and manufacturing products for noise control utilized throughout the world. Come by and meet our staff, watch a demonstration on the superiority of our products and learn how our new “Acoustical Real Time Video Imaging System” (ARTVIS®) can INSTANTLY visually show you all noise sources inside or out. This can save you thousands of dollars and be far more accurate than conventional acoustical analysis not to mention the time saved. Samples on many of our products will also be available.


  • All Weather Sound Panels
    Acoustiblok's All Weather Sound Panels are frequently utilized in industrial settings when outside noise is an issue. They can dampen or eliminate noise emanating from chillers, motors, pumps, HVACs, generators, engines and more....

  • Acoustiblok’s All Weather Sound Panels are comprised of several layers of very different types of materials to maximize noise control. They have filtering materials, absorption materials, and blocking materials for attenuating noise. This allows them to not only absorb sound, but also stop the sound from penetrating through the panels. They have an extraordinarily high STC of 30 (Sound Transmission Class), and NRC 1.00 (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and are UL Std 723 fire tested: Flame spread zero, smoke developed zero.

    Acoustiblok’s AWSP’s are constructed of only the highest quality material and craftsmanship. Strain hardened 0.040" (1.016mm) corrosion resistant perforated aluminum front is resistant to abuse and sharp objects.

    Unlike standard indoor sound panels, IAWSP’s are specially engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor and indoor industrial environments; water, sun, salt air, saltwater, dirt, chlorine air, grease, corrosion, mold, and some of the harshest chemicals. The hurricane panel is wind load tested at 270 mph (435 km/h).  Encased by all welded aluminum, they also are impermeable to rodents.

  • Acoustifence
    Acoustifence is a modern day outdoor acoustical abatement product. This unique fencing noise barrier is 1/8th inch, heavy mineral filled, barium-free viscoelastic acoustical material that is placed between the noise source and the noise....

  • Acoustifence is composed of a unique proprietary formula of heavy mineral filled viscoelastic polymer material that is thin 1/8 inch thick, and made and sourced in the USA. It comes in 6 X 30 foot sections and is one of the most effective first steps in reducing noise for many applications including industrial, commercial, and residential. Acoustifence has been tested in independent certified acoustical labs and the measurements (STC 28, representing an 85% reduction to the human ear) are very accurate, however, results will vary depending on fence height, reflections off surrounding environment, distances, elevations, and noise frequencies.

    Unlike a concrete block wall, Acoustifence actually flexes with certain frequencies, especially very low frequencies i.e. railroad/truck road noise and AC/heat pumps. In the process of sound waves physically moving it, the product transforms sound wave energy into inaudible internal friction energy.

    Considered green and environmentally friendly, the barium-free Acoustifence is 100% recyclable, does not contain lead, fiberglass or asbestos, and is UV-resistant, impervious to water and mold.

  • Quiet Clouds
    Quiet Clouds are light-weight, easily movable aluminum panels that can withstand harsh environments while absorbing more sound/noise than most commercial sound panels....

  • Quiet-Cloud® Panels are a light-weight, easily movable panel that when properly staggered can increase the perimeter-to-surface absorption area up to five-fold. Each Quiet-Cloud panel consists of a heavy gauge perforated aluminum casing over a hydrophobic, sound absorbing material (Quiet-Fiber®) that can withstand operating temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. These acoustical panels can hang from a chain or cable either horizontally resembling a cloud or vertically from side edges resembling a banner to mitigate noise in in specific areas.or can also be easily put into standard ceiling tile grid system. They are also washable, hydrophobic, UL STD 723 tested, and 0 smoke/flame. And as all of Acoustiblok’s products, they are entirely made in the USA with all US materials.

  • QuietFiber
    QuietFiber material is specifically engineered to tackle the frequencies of sound that are critical for noise reduction. QuietFiber’s Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), ranges from 1.0- 1.25 depending on the version....

  • QuietFiber is designed to reduce reflective or reverb buildup in rooms or areas. By installing QuietFiber on some of the parallel surfaces, the tonality, intelligibility and clarity of sounds become greatly enhanced. QuietFiber is engineered specifically for maximum sound absorbency measuring an (NRC 1.00) and can be installed throughout a room or area directly to flat surfaces.

    Ceiling tiles can be replaced with custom, faced panels to fit a standard 2’x 2’ drop ceiling grid. QuietFiber is hydrophobic, doesn’t support mold or mildew growth, E-84 class A fire rated, 100% recyclable, environmentally-conscious, and entirely made in the USA. It is currently available in various sizes and densities for optimum performance, and is UL rated for floor, wall and ceiling applications.

  • ARTVIS System
    Acoustiblok’s ARTVIS System allows one to "see" sound in real-time. Not only can one measure the intensity and overall frequency content of the noise, but also visually identify the direction, source and reflections of the noise....

  • As a leading solution provider and manufacturer of noise attenuation materials, Acoustiblok offers a full range of services and products to solve noise and vibration issues, including problem identification, acoustical testing, design, engineering, installation support and post-installation testing to ensure that our materials are properly implemented and noise control objectives are achieved. The newest technology that currently used is an “acoustical real-time video imaging system”. ARTVIS allows one to “see” sound in real-time (as you would “see” thermal contours with an infrared camera). Not only can one measure the intensity and overall frequency content of the noise and its reflections, but also visually identify the direction, source and frequency spectrum of the noise.

    It also helps in revealing modal transitions of resonance in buildings/structures that a standard spectrum analyzer doesn't eveal. Acoustical data collection and assessment which in the past may have taken hundreds of hours to compile, and even then being largely conjecture, can now be visually observed and measured with a significantly higher degree of confidence within hours.

  • Acoustiblok material
    Acoustiblok is the name of both the company and the “Flagship” product. This is used as a sound isolation material that is typically installed before walls/ceilings/floors are completed, thereby enhancing the Transmission Loss (TL) of standard assemblies....

  • Acoustiblok, an international award-winning material, is 1/8 inch thick, is easily be applied to a standard stud wall and can result in more sound reduction than 8 inches of poured concrete.  The thin pliable material is engineered not to stop or absorb sound, but through a unique thermodynamic process Acoustiblok transforms the sound energy into trace amounts of inaudible internal friction energy.

    Acoustiblok material is typically applied as part of layered wall, ceiling or floor construction. It is usually stapled to wood studs or screwed to metal studs prior to drywall. A typical 2 x 4 gypsum stud wall is usually 33 to 35 STC. Acoustiblok installed in the stud wall is lab certified at STC 53. To the human ear this represents over 97% in sound reduction.

    Environmentally friendly, Acoustiblok contains no lead, barium, or asbestos, is UV resistant and impervious to water and mold; it is UL rated and classified in the US and Canada (CUL) for virtually all wall, floor, and ceiling installations.