Anne Kirsch

Senior Advisor Corporate Safety Initiatives
Metropolitan Transportation Authority


Anne Kirsch, Senior Advisor Corporate Safety Initiatives, joined the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in June of 2015 to support the MTA and the MTA Chief Safety Officer in developing consistent agency-wide strategies with the goal of creating a world-class safety culture and the safest possible environment for our customers and employees. The development of a Safety Management System and supporting programs, policies and practices incorporating all of the MTA’s Operating Agencies is key to sustaining a world-class safety culture and the result we are striving to achieve.
Ms. Kirsch previously served as the Chief Safety and Security Officer for Metro-North with a security and response focus on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) preparedness, response and restoration. In 2014, the focus of the organization was realigned to ensure a sole focus on safety and Ms. Kirsch was named VP and Chief Safety Officer.
Ms. Kirsch has over 32 years of transportation experience.


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