Krista S. Geller

GellerAC4P Inc.


Krista S. Geller, Ph.D. has been involved in applied behavioral science since childhood as a subject in many of her dad’s research studies. Once she realized the critical importance & social validity of his research she decided to double major in psychology & media studies. She continued as a researcher at Virginia Tech & pursued her MS & PhD in Human Development focusing on human-pet relationships. This led to her dedicated work for the Actively Caring for People Movement. The AC4P Movement has been a lifelong value for Krista & her dad. Both work together educating people on the significance of AC4P. This research is highlighted in their book Actively Caring for People’s Safety: How to Cultivate a Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper Work Culture. Krista has travelled worldwide assisting in adapting AC4P to fit various work cultures. Her mission: to inspire people to take time to actively care for the safety & health of themselves & others. She is currently President of GellerAC4P, Incorporated


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