Jason Reason

Director of Combustible Dust Services
SEAM Group


B.S. in Industrial Hygiene from Purdue University
MBA from the University of Indianapolis
Served as an Compliance Officer for Indiana OSHA for 12.5 years and performed hundreds of health and safety OSHA compliance inspections, including numerous combustible dust compliance inspections (fatalities, fires and explosions).

Served as instructor for OSHA Combustible Dust Course at the OSHA Technical Institute (OTI)

Serve on the following NFPA Technical Committees:
Committee for Handling and Conveying of Dusts, Vapors and Gases,
Committee on Fundamentals of Combustible Dust
Committee on Flash Fire Protective Garments
Correlating Committee for Combustible Dust.

Serve as the Chair of NFPA Technical Committee for Wood and Cellulosic Materials Processing


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