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Univet Optical Technologies, a twenty-year old multinational company exclusively engaged in the business of manufacturing safety eyewear, Laser Protection and Magnification Loupes for various surgical specialties. All Univet products are designed and researched in our Head Quarters located in Brescia, Italy. Univet is currently the leading exporter of safety eyewear with a well established network of distribution partners in over 75 countries worldwide.

A constant strive and relentless desire of our design technicians has enabled Univet to stay ahead on the course of introducing the products which simply exceed the norms of Innovation. Univet has won the Red Dot Award for three years in a row. Red Dot is one of the most prestigious award in the world which is given to products with a unique and distinctive design quality. 

Our goggles, visors and spectacles are designed based on in-depth ergonomic studies to guarantee comfort and excellent wearability: essential characteristics for boosting the performance of end users working in high risk situations and around hazardous materials.

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    Powered by Sony’s LMX-001 holographic waveguide display, the Univet 5.0 Augmented ANSI Certified Safety Glasses display information in the view field of the industrial workers. Visit us at our booth #4758 to try on our Augmented Reality and see for yourself: https://youtu.be/MtEfOyol25w


 Press Releases

  • The 6x3 Next Generation Goggle won the “New Product of the Year 2017 Award”, in the category “Vision Protection”.
    The American Award comes after a Red Dot in 2015, the Oscar of design, in the category "Industrial and Crafts".

    19 companies were honored for winning Occupational Health & Safety magazine’s ninth annual New Product of the Year contest. Winners will be recognized with awards this fall and in the December issue of Occupational Health & Safety magazine. They are also featured on Occupational Health & Safety’s industry-leading website, www.ohsonline.com. This year’s contest attracted entries in 21 award categories, with an independent panel of highly qualified judges choosing the winners.

    “It’s a testament to the manufacturers in this industry who are constantly working to develop more comfortable, more protective, more robust new products for their customers as they compete in this fast-growing global market”, said OH&S Editor Jerry Laws. “Informing our readers and online audience about the best new products available to solve their safety and health challenges has always been at the heart of our magazine’s mission, from 1932 up to today, and this contest is an essential extension of our outreach to the industry.”

    The X-Generation 6X3 protective googles was awarded in the category “Vision Protection” thanks to the unique features: essential design, innovative technology, superlative coatings and extraordinary performance.

    6X3 is a very high performance device designed to guarantee comfort and excellent fit thanks to the soft facade support and the panoramic lens perfectly matching the protective goggles.
    In addition to an impact resistance at 432 km/h even at extreme temperatures, with an indirect ventilation system that provides ventilation and additional splash protection and dust, 6X3 is equipped with the exclusive Univet Double Coating (UDC), a technology studied and designed in the Univet lab, which guarantees optimum anti scratch and anti fogging lenses for exceptional performance in any work and environment condition. A protective goggles with a facial protection, that provides additional defense to the operator’s face, as well as a face support designed to provide a proper seating for breathing masks and half masks, with a hook-in facial accessory.

    About Univet

    Univet is specialized in the design and manufacture of industrial, medical, and laser safety eyewear together with magnification systems devised for the surgical and dental sector.  Among the first companies to introduce the concept of sport and design eyewear into the safety field, Univet has developed products that are unique for their comfort and style. The thorough ergonomic study of frames is combined with extreme care about design and technology for a fresh conception of comfort and style.

    Innovative and up-to-date, Univet stands out for its dynamism on the international stage; branches in France and North America and field offices all over the world have joined the Italian headquarter, that nowadays exports its products to more than seventy-five countries
  • On the Sony’s booth, in the Augmented Reality area, at CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, hosted in Las Vegas from 5th to 8th of January 2017, the visitors will be able to test the Univet most comprehensive augmented reality experience for the industrial and professional application, always keeping in mind the highest level of eye protection during the performance in the working place.
    By wearing the prototype “Univet 5.0”, a specifically designed pair of safety glasses, the operators will in fact test several applications with augmented reality, specifically dedicated to data management and items warehousing, manufacturing and assembly instructions, machinery status report, medical data visualization in real time, simultaneous translations, warning alerts, etc.
    Univet, the Italian leader manufacturer and among the world top players for the production of safety eyewear, clean room and laser protection, as well as of magnification loupes for medical and dentistry application, takes the greatest care in the personal protection also when additional devices are integrated. And this always to enhance the professional use and improve the performance, because there are many tasks which are today required in the daily practice such as: be connected and proactive, provide data integration, ensure time optimization and quick solutions, receive additional feedback, manage status and reports, always in the safest conditions.
    The patent pending Univet safety eyewear model 5.0 are equipped with a “holographic waveguide technology” that takes the light created in the optical engine and projects a virtual image through the holographic optical elements to the eyes of the wearer. Together with the protective plating, this technology enables more than 85% visible light transmittance, with lenses that are only 2 mm. thick in total. The monochrome application provides benefits such as low power consumption and less distracting information which plays a key role when it comes to safety application.
    The transparent lens superimposes information onto the wearer’s natural field of view. Its’ therefore perfect for notifications and information layers on top of the surrounded world and reality.
    The Sony’s holographic waveguide technology is perfectly integrated into the Univet eyewear which can also offer a large number of options and additional features.
    Univet 5.0 glasses are designed to comply with EN 166 and ANSI safety standards, they are Over-Spec in order to accommodate operator’s existing prescription glasses, they have a monocular projection system with a 3D adjustable position to fit several pupillary distance and different application needs.
    With interchangeable front lens, and a continuous operating time granted by a battery hot swap, the glasses Univet 5.0 can be connected to a central system, such as a corporate ERP, via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
    Of course the eyewear is also connected to a compatible smartphone, where the apps are running, in order to access the sensor data and give real-time information from the accelerometer, gyro, electronic compass, brightness sensor and microphone, a GPRS (2G/3G/4G) module or a GPS one, as well as some optional sensors such as IR, temperature, barometer, etc., and take pictures and videos from the optional camera.

    Paolo Portesi, CEO of Univet group says: “This prototype Univet 5.0 is perfectly in line with our constant innovation attitude, with our aim to always further develop and improve the safety eyewear. We are the Italian leader and among the top players worldwide. As for the entire product range, our target is to manufacture a comprehensive product: ALL IN ONE. The Univet 5.0 Augmented Reality safety eyewear are in fact combining ergonomics and efficiency, functionality and aesthetics, the best Italian design with the highest safety and innovation level, also thanks to our persistence for details. Because, being a working tool to be worn all day, the safety eyewear must be comfortable, light and efficient and nice to wear.”

    “The key to success is persistence”, continues Paolo Portesi, “work with a long term target, make your own vision something recognizable by the others, a story to tell and which people can identify and trust. Univet succeeded, thanks to a young team together with, in few years, we turned a simple business idea – twenty years ago in Italy there was no manufacturer of personal protection eyewear –  a solid company which is today, for a multinational such as Sony, a reliable and ideal partner together with it’s possible to “watch” the future and the technology innovation with new eyes and new tools”.


  • 6X3 Next Generation Goggle
    Univet Research and Development department designed 6X3 goggle with the intention of combining a higher level of protection and an innovative style....

  • Equipped with a panoramic lens, 6X3 offers excellent peripheral vision and it can be used comfortably with any corrective eyewear. Designed with a wider nose piece for comfortable fit with respiratory masks and half masks and an additional face shield can be added for full face protection.

    • Panoramic lens can be perfectly worn over prescription glasses
    • Exclusive UDC coating Possibility to quickly replace the lens with a special release
    • Facial support compatible with half masks
    • Additional facial protection
    • Indirect ventilation system assures certified protection against drops and splashes
    • Category III° PPE
    • Impact resistance at 432 km/h, even at extreme temperatures
  • 553 Zeronoise
    The innovative 553 ZERONOISE is equipped with patented temples specially designed to facilitate the combined use with hearing protection devices...

  • The shorter terminals and the reduced sections cancel the interference with cushions avoiding the ear muff to lose part of its attenuation capacity. The flexible and shaped temples give the operator comfort and allow to wear the glasses without having to remove the ear muffs.

    • Wraparound model, guarantees optimal lateral protection
    • Light and handy, made entirely in polycarbonate, it weights only 19 gr
    • Temples with reduced section designed for a perfect interaction with ear muffs
    • New lenses available (G15 and In/Out)
  • Univet 5.0 Augmented Reality
    The Univet 5.0 safety glasses add augmented reality to the wearer’s visual field. Aided by waveguide technology, holographic projections are displayed right in front of the wearer’s eyes....

  • The glasses integrate Sony's "holographic waveguide technology" into eye protection that allows wearers to view real time data without looking up from what they are doing.

    A monocular projection system displays data on a holographic screen behind the right protective lens. The screen is clear so the wearer can see through it.

    The glasses can use WiFi or Bluetooth to access data on computers, tables, and smartphones. Information is able to travel in both directions so data can be collected from internal sensors such as the GPS and microphone or optional sensors such as thermometers and cameras.

    This tech could be used for any number of applications. For example, a warehouse worker might view packing lists, a nurse or doctor the patient's vital signs, a factory worker assembly instructions, or a rescue worker text notifications from cohorts.

    The projection unit is attached to the screen and is connected by cord to an external battery and can be swapped between different users' glasses. Should the protective outer lens be scratched or damaged it is easily removed and replaced.

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