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Grand Haven,  MI 
United States
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JobSite supplies boot care and shoe care to rugged and hard-working markets. It’s a full line of accessories including boot trays, dryers, scrubbers, laces, insoles, polishes, cleaners, conditioners, shoe horns, warmers, and more! JobSite is your best choice to protect all kinds of footwear on the farm, factory, industrial, construction sites, and even home.

Brands: JobSite Footwear Accessories, SafetyCare, FootMatters

 Show Specials

  • (Aug 08, 2017)
    • Everyday comfort for all types of casual and work footwear
    • Breathable fabric wicks away moisture
    • Antibacterial to reduce odor-causing bacteria
    • Double layer covering is lightweight, durable, and heat resistant
    • One size – trim insoles at toe to desired size
    • Multi-Purpose for Shoes, Pets, Garden, Mudroom, Entryway, Garage, and More
    • Effective designs traps dirt
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
    • Stays in place perfectly
    • These Boot Trays have raised edges that prevent liquid, like water, or dirt from escaping onto your floor
    • What’s great about these edges is they’re made of rubber, so they don’t break easily, they’ll bounce right back if stepped on
    • FOUR heating tubes, which all come with extension tubes for taller boots
    • High-quality ball bearing motor design
    • Forces warm air to rise inside the wet garments while maintaining a quiet, safe, and reliable approach
    • Maintain health by eliminating odors, perspiration, and bacteria
    • The Mighty Dry is so strong and fast, it can dry almost all wet garments placed on it within one hour
    • On/off switch for heat/no heat
    • Automatic shut-off with timer that goes up to 3 hours
    • Walk safer on slippery snow and ice
    • Grabs traction on ice and bites into packed snow
    • Makes outdoor work and play safer
    • Stretches easily with one motion over your shoes or boots
    • Handy heel tab for two-finger, one motion removal
    • Just fold up and carry in your jacket pocket
    • Quick and Easy On . . . Quick and Easy Off
  • (Jul 05, 2017)
    • Everyday laces for every purpose; work, walking, hiking, athletics.
    • Won’t fray, rot or get soaked in rain or slushy weather.
    • Durable and long lasting. The stay tied.
    • These laces merchandise very well on pegboard, slotwall, endcap planograms.
    • A counter top spinner rack program is also available for this high impulse product.
  • (Jul 05, 2017)
    • Safety Care KOR33 Fiber laces are made with a tough Kevlar-type, nomex-type material.
    • The lace colors green, yellow, orange are ASTM official, certified approved pantone colors.
    • These laces have been tested in the harshest conditions to go anywhere without burning, fraying or breaking down.
    • They are fire retardant and resist harsh hazmat chemicals.
    • They have a tight weave that prevents them from stretching over time.
    • The metal tipped ends can stand up against anything and prevent the laces from fraying or unraveling.
    • Ideal for welders, policemen, firefighters or work in other harsh environments.
    • These laces merchandise very well on pegboard, slotwall, endcap planograms.
    • A counter top spinner rack program is also available for this high impulse product.
    • Keeps Mud Out, Keeps Floors Clean
    • Cleans, Scrubs, and Scrapes boot and shoe soles and sides
    • Stiff bottom prongs, contoured side brushes, and front scraper bar work together to clean tough mud from shoes and boots
    • Durable tough design works well in all seasons and weather
    • Large Size 20 x 16 x 1.5 inches cleans even monster boots
    • Simply fill with water up to the level, use mild soap or disinfectant if needed, move your boots along the prongs/brushes and then they come out clean
  • (Jul 05, 2017)
    • Use on all types of shoes, boots, gloves, hats and accessories – anything damp, cold or musty
    • Great for work, hunting, sports, fishing, gardening, hiking, kids at school and play, and more
    • Lets warm air rise naturally inside your wet items to dry them
    • Reaches those hard to get places where wet can hide
    • Safe, quiet, warm, even airflow reaches the toes of boots and finger tips of gloves and mittens
    • Removes damp, sweaty, smelly perspiration and bacteria
    • Safe, simple and cost-effective – just plug it in and let the warm, dry air circulate overnight
    • Perfect cleaning tool to have by any door for any shoe
    • Keep the mess outside and keep your floors clean
    • Composited of hardwood and high density molded plastic
    • Built-in shoe and sole brushes
    • Two slots to clean two shoes at once
    • Durable and long lasting
    • Reach those hard-to-get-at-places where things like mud can hide

    • Ideal for anywhere – the home, barn, ranch, work, cottage or weekend getaway
    • Great footwear cleaning tool
    • Scrubber, scraper and cleaner all in one
    • High density, composite molded plastic construction is long lasting and will not rot or crack from elements of snow, rain, barnyard acids or weather is common with wood edges used by other brands
    • Rugged, heavy gauge, welded metal frame
    • Handy, built-in shoe sole and edge scraper to clean off those tough to get at places of mud and manure caked on bottom of shoe
    • Strong bristle brushes clean mud and snow off boots and shoes
    • Includes four screws and brackets for easy bolt down

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