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Delta Prevention: Safety On Top


Delta VSS range products offers collective fall protection systems to prevent falls from heights. Products such as freestanding guardrails, for temporary or permanent use, and visual warning guidelines used to delimit perimeters.


Delta VSS System is a collective protection that eliminates the necessity of using and managing individual protection devices. It prevents your employees and eventual subcontractors working on your roof from being exposed to falling hazards. With its unique bases, the Delta VSS System is the freestanding protection device offering the largest installation possibilities on the market.

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 Press Releases

  • Delta Prevention launches non-penetrating guardrail kit for roof ladder

    Securing your roof access without damaging your membrane is made easy.

    The Canadian manufacturer of non-penetrating guardrails for roof safety just released a simple way to protect every access ladder on your rooftops. The Guardrail Kit for Roof Ladder is a simple and universal safety barrier that can be installed in minutes and insure your facility meets every safety standards.

    A Non-Penetrating Guardrail Kit

    Most building owners would confirm the following statement: they hate the idea of anything punching through their million-dollar roof membrane. Since water infiltration and leaks over offices or production area are a nightmare for maintenance managers, Delta Prevention now offers a non-penetrating roof guardrail kit specifically designed to protect roof access ladders. At 12’6” on each side of the ladder exit, the guardrail offers ample protection for workers approaching or exiting the ladder. At the ladder exit, space between both sections is kept open thanks to the layout of the counterweight bases that allow easy access to and from the edge. An optional self-closing safety gate is also offered.

    Non-Penetrating Means Easy to Install

    Since there is no anchoring done in the roof structure, the installation of the non-penetrating guardrail kit can be done within minutes by your own staff with a minimum of hand tools. No cutting or welding is needed to install this kit. The 50 lb bases are easy to manoeuvre and the upright posts come pre-assembled.


    Exclusive Material for Industry Leading Durability

    To prevent corrosion and rust stains common to painted steel bases, Delta Prevention is the only manufacturer to use eco-friendly recycled rubber for its counterweight base. The unique material also offers very high grip over every roof covering, ensuring stability and safety. At 50 lb per piece, they are easy to move thanks to the molded-in handle. The non-penetrating guardrail kit is also protected by a 10-year warranty.

    Compliant With All Fall-Protection Standards

    Whether you are in Canada or in the US, Delta Prevention’s non-penetrating guardrail kit for roof ladder complies with every fall safety standards from the Canadian National Building Code (CNBC) or OSHA.


    Delta Prevention is a manufacturer of non-penetrating fall protection equipment for rooftop. With innovative materials and industry leading versatility, Delta Prevention’s VSS System is the safest and most durable collective fall protection system on the market. Visit our website at












    Recently acquired by Alcoa, Canadian leaders in fabrication and assembly of aluminum and titanium components, this business has health and safety standards as rigorous as the quality control it uses on its products. Located in Laval, Quebec, Canada, the company supply the aeronautic industry worldwide.




    It’s the health and safety manager that started the process to properly secure the roof of this impressive factory. Like most business of this level, hazard identification and prevention is a top priority to keep accident as low as possible.



    As on most industrial buildings, the roof host multiple HVAC units and chimneys. Consequently, visits on the roof for maintenance are frequent and lead to constant fall safety issues.


    Because individual protections don’t insure the safety of everyone visiting the roof, a freestanding guardrail was chosen as the best fall protection solution for this building.



    The Delta Prevention advantage


    But here is the feature that really sealed the deal: Since the budget for this project didn’t allow the complete protection with freestanding guardrails, the experts at Delta Prevention suggested the use of the VSS SafetyLine in certain areas. Less pricey than the guardrail, they create a visual perimeter and share every component of the VSS system. Therefore VSS SafetyLine will be converted to VSS Classic guardrail with very limited waste as soon as additional funding is
    made available. This is an important and exclusive feature of Delta Prevention.







    The product used is the VSS Classic freestanding guardrail and the VSS SafetyLine permanent warning line. Totally safe for the roof membrane, both products can be installed on a roof ballasted with pellets like this one. Additionally, the two roof ladders leading to the roof’s lower level are protected by self-closing ladder safety gates.




    This project is a complete roof perimeter protection. A total of 620 linear feet of freestanding guardrails and 1150 linear feet of warning lines were used on this building. This project is set apart by its innovative use of two different products to protect areas of different hazard level.


  • Case study: Notre-Dame Hospital (CHUM) - Montreal, QC




    The Notre-Dame hospital is one of the oldest health institution in Montreal. Founded in 1880, the building located on Sherbrooke street west was built in 1924. Obviously, roof safety standards were much different in this era.



    A specialized architecture firm was commissioned for this project. Their main goal was to identify and suggest a versatile and permanent solution to improve fall protection on portion of the roof deemed dangerous.



    Driven by the growing emphasis on roof fall protection in the last years, the health and safety managers of the institution didn’t want to wait for the first incident. This is why the architectural firm was contracted to put together a roof safety plan.


    Because they are freestanding and thus, safe for the roof membrane, non-penetrating guardrails was without a doubt the best fall protection method to achieve this challenge.



    The product chosen and installed was the Delta Prevention non-penetrating guardrail because it's versatile and meets every fall protection standards from Canada and the USA. Installed in both CLASSIC and COMPACT configurations, the aluminum roof protection guardrail offers high resistance to weather damages and a 10 years warranty.



    Every roof safety interventions were performed around the perimeter of HVAC units, to protect roof accesses and increase safety on walkways from one roof to the other.


    Roofing fall protection on a multi-level building like the Notre-Dame hospital is made simple with a versatile non-penetrating guardrail like Delta Prevention. Lifted on the roof in 8 drop zones, a total of 17 sections of free-standing guardrails were installed for a total of 600 linear feet.

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