What's new in Education?

The National Safety Council has been America's leading safety advocate for more than a century. Each year the NSC Congress & Expo Educational Strategic Advisory Group meets to bring you the best educational program with the most up-to-date information and emerging topics. It's no surprise that 90% of our audience stated that the information they learned would help them perform their job more effectively

Here is a quick overview of what's hot and what's new for 2022. For a detailed listing of our sessions visit the Education Sessions page of our website.

Professional Development Seminars*

Check out these NEW 1-day seminars:

  • 213: What Brain Science Teaches Us About Safe Behavior
  • 210: Multicultural Considerations with our Safety Communication and Training

  • 214: Whistleblower Protections: Understanding Worker Rights and Supervisor Responsibilities

  • 209: Safety on the Inside:  Building a Resilient Workplace

  • 220: Influential Safety Leadership

  • 217: When You Get to Zero, and Nothing to Measure, then What?

  • 211: Managing Workplace Drug Use Can Be Daunting- Here Is Your Answer

  • 216: Human and Organizational Performance Fundamentals: Starting Your HOP Journey

Technical Sessions

With more than 100 technical sessions there is something for everyone. From Case Studies and Hot Topics to DE&I and Personal Stories as well as Technology we have what you need.

Case Studies

  • 13: Computer Vision AI for Forklift Safety at Owens Corning: A Case Study

  • 14: Five Pillars of a Comprehensive Ergonomics Program

  • 32: Brains, Decision Science and Supercharged Safety Engagement: Human Performance That Works for Workers

  • 49: Why Don't They Folllow the Rules

  • 121: Recordable to Rewardable: A Skeptic’s Human Factors Success Story

Hot Topics

  • 8: How to Build and Protect a Thriving Workforce During the “Great Resignation”

  • 55: Marijuana and the Workplace: Balancing the Laws, Safety and the Bottom Line

  • 70: Link EHS to ESG and Influence Your Business Strategy 

  • 75: Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness

  • 105: Cannabis Legalization: Implications for Safety

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • 9: They Won't Forget How You Make Them Feel
  • 65: Diversity by Way of Safety
  • 80: Total Worker Health: Coordinating EHS and HR for World-Class Programs
  • 110: Comprende? Overcoming the Language Barrier in Safety
  • 301: DE&I Panel Discussion

Personal Story

  • 11: Believe in Safety
  • 62: The Ripple Effect: How Workplace Incidents Affect Those We Love Most
  • 82: Just A Second Ago...the Accident That Change Everything
  • 114: Safety is a Tool for Life
  • 116: 7 Things Everyone Can Learn from Near-Death Experiences


  • 4: Innovating for Safety: How Technology Can Create Safer Workplaces
  • 38: Going from Good to Great: Transforming Safety Performance with Technology
  • 40: Leverage Wearable Technology to Drive Actionable Injury Reduction
  • 53: The Future of Workplace Development and Practical Assessments Using Virtual Reality and Simulation
  • 83: Tackling Speeding: Applications of Technology and Behavioral Science and the Safety System Approach

* Separate fee and pre-registration required to attend a Professional Development Seminar.