Audition Technology

Pittsburgh,  PA 
United States
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For Hearing Health and Safety - at work and outside work.

Audition Technology provides Education, Training and Technology to enhance Hearing Safety and Health - both on and off the job

Our focus is on self-managed care guided by the new over-the-counter (OTC) Hearing Aid legislation + OSHA, MSHA, NIOSH, E principles for advancing Hearing Safety and Health Program. Addressing individual needs and enabling self-care, while maintaining privacy and confidentiality, have a positive effect on worker engagement, satisfaction and productivity. This approach helps to reduce work-related injury, illness and indirect costs. 

ATLAS Education and Training for workplace and community: Meets and extends OSHA 1910.95 (Occupational noise exposure) 

ATLAS Resonate App & eTool for self-guided safe listening and protection: Personal monitoring of dB + Safe Listen Times for environment + headphone sounds throughout the day, self-analyzing personal risks, hazards and protection measures

ATLAS OTC: Hearing Aid, App & eTool for self-identifying and self-treating Mild-Moderate hearing loss (available after FDA OTC Hearing Aid Rule finalization).  Early treatment beyond annual audiograms with no prescription or fitting.

Brands: (1) ATLAS Hearing Safety & Health Education & Training (2) ATLAS Resonate Safe Listen App & eTool (3) ATLAS OTC Hearing Aid, App & eTool (after FDA final OTC Rule)