MEGA InTech Inc  

Concord,  ON 
  • Booth: 1643

MEGA InTech is a ground breaking company that strives to create impactful and innovative technology-driven solutions. 

We are committed to investing in emerging technologies, like 3Dfits and Impact Sense, that help make a difference in people's everyday life. 


  • Impact Sense
    Impact Sense is an innovative wearable technology.

  • The future of wearables is here!

    Impact Sense is an innovative wearable technology that integrates safety and activity monitoring to help companies proactively maximize employee engagement and productivity while reducing injuries. Worn comfortably in footwear, Impact Sense will identify risks so employee health and safety can thrive.

  • 3Dfits
    Virtual Contactless Fitting Solution...

  • 3Dfits is the only app you'll ever need to find perfect fitting safety footwear without wasting time or money. The Virtual Fitting Solution suggests what shoe size will fit best based on just a quick foot scan from your smart phone, eliminating trial-and-error. Utilizing 3Dfits, E-commerce footwear retailers can increase conversions and lower return rates while providing an unmatched user experience. While at the same time, consumers can now shop online for safety footwear and save time, money and the environment, avoiding the hassle of returns.