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eSafety provides online employee safety training and contractor management systems through a scalable LMS that's easy to use, easy to administer and provides flexibility in meeting company training needs.


  • eSafety Training
    eSafety Training helps you to effectively schedule, track and report employee training on an annual basis. Schedule unlimited training from our Course Library, as well as add your own company training materials to cover site-specific needs....

  • Take a deeper dive into the eSafety Training platform and you will find a system that was built by safety professionals who understand company training needs. eSafety’s main goal is to be easy to use and easy to administer. Users can log in and take training, while Admins have the flexibility to create and implement their training schedule. 


    Scheduling is based on who needs to take the course, whether that is the entire company, specific departments, or a single individual. You can also incorporate the New Hire feature, complementing New Employee Orientation needs. Have unlimited access to the full course library, which meets the General Industry, General Awareness Standards.


    Reporting works the same way, giving you a snapshot of compliance and completion based on the parameters you set. Want a weekly update? Set up an Auto report to be sent to your email so the information you need is ready and waiting for you. Best of all, you don’t have to do it alone. Add multiple Admins and build a team who has visibility and rights to add users, schedule training, and run reports for their respective areas. 

  • eSafety Contractor
    Manage documents and track site-specific training to know where each contractor is in the qualification process. Intuitive and customizable, our system ensures transparency and teamwork between the host organization and contractors....

  • Manage your Contractor companies and all their employees, in-house and online with eSafety Contractor. No more manila folders and excel spreadsheets, or expensive third parties to manage your contractor relationships. Building off of our eSafety Training platform, eSafety Contractor gives you the ability to upload, request, and track documentation, as well as site-specific training. Now you and your team have one place to look when confirming any contractor company is up to date with their documents, and contractor workers are compliant and ready to work safely at your facility.


    Administrators can request documents and schedule custom site-specific training content for all contractors or on an individual basis. Reporting works the same way, giving you a snapshot of document and training completion, prior to a contractor walking on-site. Want a weekly update? Set up an Auto report to be sent via email so the information is easily accessible. You don’t have to do it alone. Add multiple Admins or send auto reports to different team members, giving visibility and current information to everyone working with your contractors each day. 

  • eSafety Content

    eSafety Content is for organizations with their own LMS who are looking for intuitive and effective content to add to their training library....

  • Include eSafety’s signature training courses on your LMS, complete with interactive questions and knowledge-based testing. Courses run an average of 30 minutes and are built with the learner in mind for comprehension and retention. eSafety course content is automatically updated during your subscription period to ensure compliance with any regulation changes and to include any course enhancements made by the eSafety team.

    All of eSafety’s courses have been built in SCORM 1.2, which is the most widely used conformancy when adding content to an LMS. A test file will be given to confirm our content is compatible with your LMS.