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hearTest Occ Health is a certified tablet-based audiometry solution for seamless occupational hearing protection. Automated audiometry, cloud-based surveillance, data management, & seamless reporting; makes hearing conservation more efficient than ever.

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  • hearX Group, a hearing health medtech scale-up, specializes in affordable, high-quality hearing tech that can assist health and safety professionals to remain compliant with international standards. hearX strives to make day-to-day operations easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective; which is exactly what the hearTest Occ Health audiometry solution will do for hearing conservation businesses in the U.S.


    Noise-induced hearing loss is a major concern for safety managers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it affects approximately 22 million U.S. workers and costs $242 million annually in workers’ compensation. Exposure to loud noise accounts for approximately 20% of adult-onset hearing loss, while 24% of the hearing difficulty among U.S. workers is caused by occupational exposure. 

    Audiometric testing in hearing conservation settings helps to determine if occupational hearing loss is being prevented by the noise control measures in place. As occupational hearing loss occurs gradually, workers often fail to notice changes in their hearing ability until significant deterioration occurs. This can be avoided by conducting annual hearing checks and taking action as soon as a change in hearing ability is detected. Annual hearing checks also contribute to increased productivity in the workforce, reduced workplace injuries and communication barriers, and they ensure adherence to regulations.


    Developed in close cooperation with audiologists and safety professionals, hearX Group’s award-winning hearTest Occ Health solution is an OSHA compliant, and IEC certified, tablet-based audiometer for comprehensive hearing surveillance, Traditionally, hearing conservation audiometric tests can cost up to $76 per test in the U.S., whereas with hearTest Occ Health, hearing tests can now be conducted for less than $1 per test. 


    With automated audiogram threshold tracking and assessments at the click of a button, hearTest Occ Health allows for simplified patient counseling, efficient on-site screening and seamless reporting, without the need for off-site testing or testing performed by 3rd party vendors. This solution provides attenuation equivalent to a single-wall sound booth, that allows the freedom of portable, reliable, and cost-effective hearing conservation audiometry for businesses.

    hearTest Occ Health enables workplace hearing screening anywhere, anytime, without the need for bulky equipment. It also offers a variety of features including: 

    • Percentage Loss of Hearing (PLH) and Standard Threshold Shift (STS) calculations, with the option to enable age adjustments when determining if a valid shift occurred. 

    • Pre-test questions ensure detailed data capturing by recording patient information to ensure compliance to standards and conformance to operational test requirements.

    • Optimize testing times by preloading patient, facility and testing information to the device.

    • Monitor changes in hearing health by adding a baseline manually or importing the screening test as a baseline test.

    • Smart features ensure on-site quality control and test reliability. Quality control metrics include: noise monitoring; false response counts; response times; and 1 kHz retest.

    • Using automated testing and smart algorithms, it’s significantly faster than traditional screening services, and allows for accurate, easy and reliable automated tests.

    • The hearScope digital video otoscope can now integrate with the hearTest Occ Health device to include eardrum images on patient records.

    • mHealth Studio is included, free of charge, with any hearTest Occ Health subscription. mHealth Studio allows for online data management, surveillance, referrals and report generation, safe and reliable storage of clinical data and a graphical comparison of baseline and screening tests, providing employers with full access and control of employee test data


    Join hearX Group at the 2022 NSC Congress & Expo and find out how the hearTest Occ Health solution can enable your business to have faster, more efficient and affordable hearing testing procedures, on-site. hearX can be found at stand 5723.

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  • hearTest Occ Health
    hearTest Occ Health is an IEC certified tablet-based audiometry solution for seamless occupational hearing conservation, fully compliant to all OSHA requirements....

  • hearScope
    hearScope is an AI digital video otoscope that captures high-quality images & videos from a smartphone/desktop running the free hearScope app, to assist healthcare providers by accurately classifying images of the eardrum.

  • hearScope is a world-first digital AI otoscope that offers a cost-effective solution for ear examinations on a smartphone and desktop. This innovative product enables the capturing of high-quality images and videos of the eardrum and the ear canal. It includes the world’s first artificial intelligent image classification feature to classify normal, wax obstructions, and chronic perforations with a 94% accuracy. It is an award-winning solution, used across 87 countries in clinical, school or workplace and remote audiology settings.

    This solution not only adds value with regards to classification of ear disease for timely intervention and prevention of complications like hearing loss, but is also extremely valuable in prevention of ear disease. hearScope is a cost-effective and innovative solution that changes the way ear examinations are performed and contributes toward affordable hearing care for everyone, everywhere.
  • hearX Self Test Kit
    A tablet-based hearing test solution for diagnostic assessments outside a sound booth. Self-testing with remote support allows hearing professionals to test and make treatment recommendations, including hearing aids....

  • The hearX Self Test Kit is an award-winning, clinically valid, tablet-based, self test hearing care solution for diagnostic assessments outside a booth, enabling contactless hearing testing. It enables home-based, counter-side, or drive-through hearing testing with remote support. Following assessments, healthcare professionals can access the test results on a cloud platform, and make treatment recommendations, including the fitment of hearing aids.

    The hearX Self Test Kit is a fully automated and easy-to-use solution with a customized test battery for remote hearing care, enabling: pure tone audiometry, speech-in-noise audiometry, an ear risk assessment, digital AI otoscopy, and digital data management.

    The hearX Self Test Kit offers a test battery to:
    1. refer patients requiring a more comprehensive diagnostic assessment for suspected ear disease and;
    2. support hearing aid fitting.