Leverage Wearable Technology to Drive Actionable Injury Reduction

  • Room: 26 AB
  • Session Number:40
Monday,September 19, 2022:4:00 PM -5:00 PM


Jon Kabance
Sarah Crabb
Managing Director
NA IX Innovation Lead


Wearable tech is a powerful tool companies can wield to identify, analyze and mitigate injury risk with a higher degree of precision. The data captured enables us to zero in on risks associated with specific movements and behavior, then proactively direct attention to high-priority areas, such as departmental trends and high-risk individuals. This session will share successful strategies for incorporating wearables to augment injury prevention initiatives and leveraging data analysis to mitigate through engineering, ergonomics and exercise interventions. You’ll learn how you can capture and analyze ergonomic wearable data to identify at-risk movements and behavior, use a 3E process to determine mitigation techniques, and evaluate mitigation impact and risk reduction.