Connected Technologies: Moving Safety Up the Hierarchy of Controls

  • Room: 30 A
  • Session Number:73
Tuesday,September 20, 2022:3:15 PM -4:15 PM


Doug Matthews
Chief Growth Officer


Problem: In the shift to digital operations, the human workforce is getting left behind. Solution: Worker-centric technologies and processes can change that, and build an Industrial Internet of People alongside and interconnected with the Industrial Internet of Things. In this session, we’ll define IIoP while underscoring the key differences of inclusion and focus on “people” versus machine data. We’ll also discuss connected solutions’ impact on the Hierarchy of Controls and the benefit of shifting tasks up the hierarchy (with a deep dive on engineered controls); talk about how a unified, proactive safety system works in the field; and look at the ability of advanced technological solutions to provide data to make better decisions on how and where organizations can substitute or eliminate hazards.