Going from Good to Great: Transforming Safety Performance With Technology

  • Room: 28 AB
  • Session Number:38
Monday,September 19, 2022:4:00 PM -5:00 PM


Justin McElhattan
President and CEO
Industrial Scientific
Scott Gaddis
Vice President, Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health
Intelex Technologies
Scott Cook
Sr Safety and Environmental Manager
Schneider Electric


Safety professionals have access to more safety technologies than ever before. However, a majority of organizations are still working on paper and spreadsheets within siloed data systems – unable to achieve great performance. This session will cover technology solutions and key applications that will transform safety programs for the better. You’ll learn about new technologies for safety, core safety applications that build a better safety management system, technologies that will improve training and communication, using big data and prescriptive analytics to improve performance, and how to improve safety from your mobile device. You’ll also receive a technical paper.