2021 NSC Safety Congress & Expo
Call for Papers
Orlando, FL

Professional Development Seminars: Oct. 8-10 and 13-14
Congress & Expo: Oct. 11-13

(Currently scheduled as an in-person event)


Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal.

Recently, NSC created an organizational maturity model, defining the elements of EHS maturity and levels that characterize placement on the maturity spectrum for each element. This maturity model is the foundation of a longer-term NSC strategy to assemble products, services, and experiences that assist companies in movement along the maturity continuum. As a result, our 2021 NSC Safety Congress & Expo educational "tracks" have been re-envisioned to more closely align with the new NSC Maturity Model.


Presentations are 60 minutes and must be delivered in the following fashion:

  • Lecture: Single
  • Lecture: Multiple speakers
  • Panel Discussion: Dialogue among multiple speakers 

Preference in Technical Sessions is given to:

  • Include participant(s) from industry
  • Describe or outline a specific case study or successful project from industry
  • Provide information and/or guidance that is evidence-based
  • Illustrate the use of technology to mitigate specific risks
  • Speak to a professional or senior level audience
  • Pertain to the development of leadership and soft skill competencies for safety practitioners and professionals
  • Align with the 2021 NSC Safety Congress & Expo Topical Submission Guide


Seminars are one to multi-day courses that require a separate fee for registered attendees. The seminars provide hands on, in-depth knowledge building career advancing opportunities and must be delivered in a classroom-style format. Contact time for each instruction day should be the equivalent of 6.5 hours.


Participants include a wide array of industry professionals with a varied level of experience and expertise, including: academic representatives, industry leaders, company executives, risk managers, government officials, human resource and personnel managers, industrial hygienists, plant managers, safety directors, fleet managers, union members and volunteer organizations from as many as 60 foreign countries.

Level of Attendee Experience (see "Audience Guidelines" below and select one):

  • Entry Level
  • Practitioner Level
  • Professional (Level A)
  • Professional (Level B)
  • Senior Level
Level Names Entry Level Practitioner Level Professional Level A-Technical/Individual Contributor Professional Level B-Management Contributor Senior Level
Role In Organization Safety Team Member/Safety Coordinator Practitioner/Technolgoist Sr. Technologist/Functional Leader Professional/Leader of People/Manager or Director EHS Executive/VP Director
Education and/or Work Experience H.S - 2 yr. Degree/4yr. Degree 2 yr./4yr. Degree 4 yr. Degree 4 yr. Degree + professional designation(s) 4 yr. Degree + Master's in field or professional designation(s)
New to industry or field; <2 yrs. experience 2-4 yrs. relevant work experience in S&H profession or one of its specialitites 5-7 yrs. relelvant work experience 8-10 yrs. relevant work experience 10+ yrs. relevant work experience


  • NSC does not endorse commercial products or lobby commercial products for specific legislation.
  • Speakers are not permitted to sell, promote or otherwise give significant exposure to any company or organization's materials, even if providing them for free. 
  • Advertising, informational literature, samples, etc., in meeting rooms, corridors, guest rooms or other adjacent areas are not permitted. This restriction also applies to printed matter promoting sessions or activities of other non-NSC groups. 


  • Proposals must be submitted by Friday, January 29, 2021.
  • Availability must be confirmed prior to proposal submission. If a session is accepted, cancellation is strongly discouraged.
  • International submissions should focus on universal safety topics rather than those specific to a particular region or country.
  • Proposals must detail what will be learned by attending the proposed session(s).
  • Proposals must be for a technical session or one/multi-day course (Professional Development Seminar).
  • For Technical Sessions, all expenses must be covered by speakers; however, speakers are entitled to a full NSC Safety Congress & Expo registration, which includes entrance to all technical sessions, keynotes and the expo Monday through Wednesday (not Professional Development Seminars).
  • If you are chosen to conduct a Professional Development Seminar the instructor will be paid speaker expenses to be outlined in a contract once selected.
  • Submissions will be reviewed and selected by the NSC Safety Congress & Expo Program Committee. All participants will be contacted by March 2021.

For further information, please contact:

Hilda Koskiewicz
National Safety Council

(630) 775-2037


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